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10 Alarming Information Security Threats Faced by IT Teams

Learn how these 10 information security threats can impact your business

Organizations must protect their data and networks in an ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. To do this, it is crucial to understand the types of security threats and potential attacks that security teams are exposed to. This article highlights the top 10 threats that require the attention and awareness of IT teams.

1. Insider Threats

  • Insider threats occur when individuals with authorized access to an organization’s network, including employees, contractors, business partners, and third-party vendors, misuse their access intentionally or unintentionally to compromise critical data and systems. These threats often originate from employees who neglect their organization’s established rules and policies.

For instance, they might expose customer data by sharing it with external entities, falling victim to phishing emails, or carelessly sharing login credentials. Moreover, some insiders deliberately bypass security measures for convenience or misguided attempts to enhance productivity. In addition, malicious insiders intentionally sabotage cybersecurity protocols to cause data deletion, operational disruption, or harm to the organization.

2. Drive-By Download Attacks

  • In a drive-by download attack, harmful code is downloaded from a website without the user’s consent or awareness. It happens through web browsers, applications, or the underlying operating system. Users don’t need to click on anything to trigger these downloads; visiting a website can kickstart this process.

Cybercriminals employ drive-by downloads for various malicious purposes, including injecting banking Trojans, stealing personal data, and delivering exploit kits or other malware to devices. It’s essential to be aware of these threats and take precautions against them to survive in today’s digital landscape.

3. Exploit kits

  • An exploit kit is a software tool designed to empower individuals, even those lacking coding experience, to create, tailor, and distribute malware. These kits go by several names, such as infection kit, crimeware kit, DIY attack kit, and malware toolkit. Cybercriminals leverage these toolsets to target vulnerabilities within systems, enabling them to distribute malware or engage in various malicious actions.

These activities may encompass data theft from organizations, initiating denial-of-service attacks , or constructing botnets for criminal purposes. Exploit kits are useful for those with ill intentions to expand their cybercriminal objectives.

4. Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Attacks

  • An advanced persistent threat (APT) attack is a focused cyberattack in which an unauthorized intruder gains access to a network and operates undetected for an extended duration without detection. Unlike typical cyberattacks that aim to inflict immediate damage, the primary objective of an APT attack is to monitor network activities and steal information, including exploit kits and malware.

These attacks are typically launched against high-value targets, such as large corporations and nation-states, to steal data over an extended period and remain undetected for as long as possible.

5. Ransomware Attacks

  • information security threatsIn this attack, the cyber attacker essentially seizes control of the victim’s computer, often through encryption, rendering the device or its data inaccessible. To regain access, the victim is compelled to pay a ransom to the hacker, often in digital currency like Bitcoin.

Ransomware delivery can occur through various vectors, including malicious email attachments, infected software applications, compromised external storage devices, and compromised websites. It’s a form of digital extortion that disrupts and holds hostage a victim’s data or device until a ransom is paid.

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