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3 Affordable and Easy Disaster Recovery Plans for Businesses

Nearly every large enterprise in 2020 has some kind of sophisticated disaster recovery plan in place. Some create secondary sites to store data in remote locations which are readily available if anything goes wrong with the main data center, while some replicate data and keep it on the different systems in different locations.

The point is to keep data backups of everything so that it can be recovered when things go bad. However, small businesses have the challenges of meeting the cost of putting up an entire data center just for backups. 

Creating a new data center is not a cost-effective method for a business that is still trying to break even, and nor can it hire a team of expert IT professionals to protect their data and systems on the site. So what can these businesses do? Here are 3 affordable and easy data recovery options for your business.

Online Backup

  • Data backup has always been a tough thing for small and medium-sized businesses. We have all heard of stories of people forgetting to load their backup tapes or tapes disappearing when things are not right. 

Even worse is the fact that most companies are unable to recover their data after a disaster hits. This is why online data recovery is a very good option for these companies. They can store data on servers of an outsourcing company such as Outsource My IT and can pull their data when things go bad.

  • This option is quite affordable too since the rates depend on the data you have and the level of service you desire. Typical rates begin from $3 per month per desktop.


  • Hosting your data with a remote backup company is also a very good and secure option. Most companies use software such as SaaS for their applications and they have good knowledge of outside services too. 

Because the data is hosted by the vendor and provided to you over the web, there is definitely a well-designed backup plan pre-built into the package. In other words, the company you host your data with will provide you much better protection than what you can do it yourself with an IT team.

Make Use of NAS

  • Another affordable option to store data for recovery is by using attached storage such as NAS. Most of these options are available for less than $1,000 and they offer great protection.

Also, these storage devices offer huge quantities to store data. Some of them begin with 4TB of storage space and can be upgraded to as much storage as you like by adding in more of these boxes. 

  • This storage disk can be kept within your office or outside. You can even keep it in a safe deposit box from a bank!

Your Company’s Data is Critical – Protect it

  • Outsource My IT provides disaster recovery services that minimize downtime for your business in the event of a disaster.

We ensure you are prepared for any disaster with the best defensive tools the industry has to offer. Beyond that, we can get you back up and running after any type of system failure or disaster. Whether you need access to your vital data at a remote location or need access to your onsite backup due to a cyberattack, we have you covered for when the worst happens.

  • If you want to plan ahead and protect your data now, the best way to do that is with comprehensive data security and disaster recovery solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more about disaster recovery services and how we can protect your company’s critical data, contact our team today.