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3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Email Security for Your Business

Do you know why email security is important for business?

When was the last time you checked your email security? Surprisingly, many businesses’ IT professionals strongly trust in the default email security that is typically internally hosted or provided by the email provider such as Google, Hotmail, and others.

However, security breaches through email are very common despite the fact that these email providers already give you security. With billions of emails being sent and received every year, businesses should evaluate their email security and upgrade it when necessary.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade the security features of your email since the breaches are increasing day by day. Here are 3 reasons to convince you to upgrade today.

Email Attacks Can Bring Your Entire Business to a Halt

  • Harmful email can easily slip through your defenses. This breach can effectively bring your business to its knees. All employees are affected by phishing emails that carry with them various methods to trick your employees into clicking a malicious link and downloading software that can hack your systems.

These emails can also carry with them ransomware which can hold important data of your company unless and until you pay a huge amount to have it released by the hacker. We are pretty sure how bad it can be for your business if that ever happens.

Emails Are The Number One Way To Hack Into Organizations

  • Whether an email contains a URL-based threat, a malware, ransomware, or an imposter-driven scheme, email has become the primary method for cybercriminals to deliver harmful software into your systems. email security

The worst part is that many people are easily affected by these emails. They don’t pay attention to the contents of the email and end up clicking and downloading software that affects the entire organization.

  • With upgraded email security by an outsourcing company like Outsource My IT, you can peacefully continue to deal with business operations while you are well protected at the data end. 

Default Email Security is Never Enough

  • Hackers and cybercriminals are becoming cleverer by the day. They can easily develop sophisticated viruses and malware to breach security systems including hiding a scam URL into emails.

Dealing with this has proven more challenging to businesses than ever. Every business now must ensure that they have proper defensive mechanisms in place to detect and stop these emails from coming into the inbox. 

  • The default security provided by email providers is never enough to stop these emails from landing into your inbox. This is why you must invest in outsourced email security services. 

Outsource My IT can become a perfect partner for your business in this regard. We work with Reflexion to keep the users and the business safe from all kinds of modern email threats. We give you total control on email security, email archiving, discovery, recovery, encryption, and email continuity. 

To learn more about how we can protect your emails, get in touch with us today. We’ll closely monitor your current email security setup and fill up any loopholes by our own email security system.