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3 Tips To Help Boost Your Small Business WiFi Security

Here are a few tips to increase wifi security

It’s very rare to see small or medium-sized businesses using wired networks these days. Almost every business in 2020 uses wireless networks for better productivity and mobility. Although wireless networks give you a lot of freedom, they are not very secure by default.

Since the data is transmitted through the air, anyone can breach the network if they have the right set of tools and knowledge. This means your valuable data is always at risk of being stolen or seized by ransomware hackers.

Whether you have a dedicated wireless network at work, or you depend on someone else’s, it is up to you to make sure that there are proper security protocols in place to protect your computers and data within them.

Follow these simple steps laid out by Outsource My IT, a company that helps secure wireless networks for small and medium-sized businesses. These tips are designed to protect your wireless network from malicious access.

Change Default Login Credentials

  • When you install a WiFi modem or router, they come with a default login and password. These default credentials are almost the same across all routers, switches, access points, and modems.

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A lot of people make a mistake of leaving these as it is. One of the first things someone tries when they access your network is to apply these default credentials, and unfortunately, a lot of them get in because most businesses don’t pay attention to this.

Use a Strong Firewall

  • When someone gains access to your wireless network, they can do anything they want. But if your servers are protected with a firewall, an intruder will have a lot of trouble by-passing it. Invest in a strong firewall software or work with a company to help establish it.

Use Strong and Trusted Encryption Techniques

  • Encryption makes it possible to highly-secure your wireless network from a malicious breach. However, setting one is a tough job. Sure you can use the encryption offered by your router to protect your network, but in a business environment, you need something stronger.

It is highly recommended to work with a partner in this regard. Outsource My IT has been protecting small businesses such as yours from intruders for years. They are partnered with Ubiquiti, a technology company based in New York that manufactures various wireless communication solutions.

  • They provide products that run on a mesh network which enables you to have a secure wireless network throughout your company. Their partnership with the company allows you to create desk and live networks which gives them the ability to remotely monitor your access points. 

The company also provides high-end wireless network security to companies in New Jersey and beyond. The best thing is that they work with you closely to secure your network from unauthorized access by cybercriminals. With their 24/7 support, they are able to fight back any cyber threat even after your working hours.

If you are looking for the best wireless security partner, contact Outsource My IT today.