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4 Valid Reasons Cloud File Sharing for Businesses Is A Wise Choice

4 undeniable pros of cloud file sharing for businesses you can’t ignore

Cloud file sharing, also called Internet file sharing, is a method that provides users the storage space on a server in the cloud. This allows them to read and write files via the Internet. With cloud file sharing, users can access their files from various networked devices and grant access permissions to others. Learn why cloud file sharing is a wise choice for your business.

Managing Users

  • Effective user management controls who can access your content and keeps them responsible for their actions. A secure environment for creating, editing, publishing, updating, and archiving files is required to accomplish this. User management tools are essential in monitoring edits, activities, and other modifications throughout the content’s lifecycle.

Leveraging cloud storage enables you to manage the content lifecycle. Cloud-based file sharing empowers your administrators and IT team, allowing them to determine which files individuals can access. It does this by:

User Authentication

  • Implementing robust user authentication measures and information-rights management allows you to restrict access to specific files. These features guarantee that only authorized individuals can access and modify files.

Tracking Progress with Audit Histories

  • Audit histories can also be used to monitor workflow progress and gain a comprehensive understanding of each stage in the content’s lifecycle. This, in turn, simplifies the process of ensuring accountability.

Robust Security Measures

  • Security holds significant importance in protecting your valuable information. In 2022, the average data breach cost in the United States stood at a staggering $9.44 million, making cybersecurity critical for companies across all sectors. Threats such as ransomware attacks and various viruses pose risks to critical content. Moreover, insider threats are a concern, where individuals with legitimate access to files may have malicious intentions, leak them for financial gain, or fall into phishing scams.

However, cloud-based file sharing grants you access to robust security measures your cloud service provider implements. These measures encompass tools such as file encryption, zero-trust controls, and threat detection, all of which safeguard your files and strictly control access. Furthermore, the cloud service provider conducts regular, automatic updates to ensure the highest level of security.

Centralization of Data

  • Requesting paper documents from various corners of your organization can be time-consuming. In addition, relying on an on-premises content storage system can lead to confusion and lost productivity, as it’s easy to lose track of the correct document version. However, with cloud-based file sharing, you can establish a single, easily accessible source of truth for your essential content.

People can effortlessly search for the specific file they need within the system, eliminating the need to request documents from different parts of the company and waiting for their delivery. Live versioning keeps track of the latest edits, additions, and approvals, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. By centralizing your files in one location accessible from anywhere through the cloud, workflows are streamlined, making it simpler for your teams to be more productive.

Cost Savings

  • cloud file sharing for businessesOn-premises file storage solutions are expensive and require significant upfront investments in large servers and hardware installations tailored to your file storage needs. In addition, maintaining in-house IT teams to manage any issues adds to the expenses. On the other hand, cloud file sharing is a cost-effective alternative that lowers setup expenses.

Cloud service providers take charge of hardware installation and maintenance, reducing the need to invest in on-site servers. The cloud service provider handles overhead costs and IT management, freeing your team from additional responsibilities. Lastly, the pay-as-you-go pricing model of cloud file sharing allows you to pay only for the required storage.

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