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5 Legitimate Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

Why VOIP for small businesses is so important?

Internet telephony refers to making and receiving calls on the internet using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. A marvel of the 21st century, VoIP has evolved to offer much more than just phone call services. According to a survey, most small and medium businesses now consider a VoIP service an integral part of their office.

Let us see in what ways VoIP can benefit a small business.

Excellent Call Quality

  • With time, businesses evolved and got more complex. VoIP evolved as well to meet the demands of businesses. Modern VoIP offers excellent call quality and unmatched clarity. In some cases, it is better than a traditional landline. Most businesses now prefer VoIP due to its reliability and zero connectivity issues. It can connect two people from opposite ends of the world in an instant.

Flexibility & Affordability

  • Modern VoIP systems are highly flexible. Along with the basic call services, they offer a host of other features as well. These include teleconferencing, video conferencing, voicemail, email faxes, and instant messaging. VoIP can also be set to receive voice messages and faxes directly to your email address.

VoIP is considerably cheaper compared to a traditional landline. It uses a virtual number that isn’t connected to a phone company. The business can switch to VoIP handsets or VoIP apps on mobile phones. Thus, the need for separate landline phones is eliminated. This saves the company from spending on a monthly line rent and phone bill.

  • As VoIP also offers teleconferencing and video conferencing services, the business does not need to purchase these services separately. Hence the cost is minimized.

Business employees can also use VoIP to transfer calls directly to their colleagues without the need to dial any other number. They can set up their status to let others know if they have stepped out of the office or are busy in a meeting.

Low Maintenance

  • VoIP is an exceptionally low maintenance service. It only requires a running internet connection. Setting it up is even easier. It can be set up on a cell phone as a mobile application or configured to be used with multiple VoIP handsets.

VoIP also offers automated replies so that customers can be catered to during office breaks and off-hours.

Efficient Scalability

  • Every time an employee joins the business, a new phone line is provided to him. If the employee leaves the organization, the additional phone line is required to be transferred to someone else or it has to be canceled. This drives up the running expenditures of a company.

VoIP helps eliminate this expense. There is virtually no limit to the number of users who can access VoIP services and can be added or deleted in the database. Thus, VoIP offers convenient scalability to small businesses.

  • To compete with competitors and larger businesses, it is important to establish frequent communication with suppliers and customers. All businesses are interested in minimizing this cost. By using a VoIP service, they can make frequent, lengthy, and long-distance calls at a fraction of the cost of a traditional landline.

reasons why VOIP for small businesses is important

Highly Secure

  • Modern VoIP has inbuilt security and encryption features. This ensures secure conversations and data transfer without the risk of anyone taping in your information.

Research suggests that effective communication is the key to run a successful business. Businesses that struggle to maintain proper communication lose their edge in the market and incur losses. It is highly recommended to upgrade your old, bulky traditional phone lines to a modern, affordable and efficient VoIP system.

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