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5 Cloud File Sharing Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

While most of us are getting used to the rapidly evolving internet technologies, it is quite astonishing what new tools can help us to do which were previously impossibles –  for example, things that we take granted these days, but they make our everyday life much better. 

There are very few businesses these days that don’t rely on Information Technology, but the online market is becoming one of the best spaces for startups and they are able to handle things efficiently thanks to new tech. 

Which brings me to one of the biggest technologies of our time – cloud technology.

Most people are aware of the cloud but they usually use it to store and access files from the web, and not many people know that the very same technology can help you automate things and save time. 

Storage and cloud fire sharing is one of the many ways the cloud is used today. This is why it is important to learn how to properly use file sharing. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks associated with cloud storage and file sharing for you.

File Transfer Made Easy

  • You may have come across many situations where you have overcrowded one of your cloud storage options and really want to transfer bulk files to another option. If you’re in trouble, tools like Mover can help you manage these without a problem. And the best part is that you can use it anywhere you want.

Directly Storing on the Cloud

  • Did you know that downloading and uploading directly to the cloud is a common practice a lot of people are not aware of? You can use synced folder option to make your life easier which basically uploads and downloads your files automatically from and onto the cloud.

Increased Storage Space

  • With cloud technology, some businesses have problems with storage spaces. Fortunately for you, there is a lot of cloud file sharing tools that allow you to increase your storage for free using a few methods unique to the service.

If you choose to go with Cloud File Sharing for businesses by Outsource My IT, you’ll be given access to Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint which offers massive storage and allows you to access your files from anywhere. 

Why Cloud File Sharing is Necessary for Businesses

  • File sharing on the cloud actually improves your efficiency and helps protect your private information. For example, OneDrive and Sharepoint allow you to enjoy localized security and access to your files from anywhere. It also allows your employees to securely access data from anywhere they please.

Moreover, you get Microsoft Office 365 which gives you a central location to secure data rather than having it stored on multiple devices.

  • Quit chasing files and start making your life easier. We can provide you with safe file-sharing or the secure VPN solution that your company needs to be more efficient. Let the secure file sharing experts of Outsource My IT show you how to make your business more efficient with cloud file sharing.

For cloud storage and file-sharing services in New Jersey and throughout the tri-state area, contact the Outsource My IT team today.