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5 Critical IT Functions You Should Outsource Today

Are you missing out? Discover the 5 critical IT functions ideal for outsourcing

Businesses depend on technology to conduct operations and enhance productivity. However, the expenses associated with acquiring and maintaining technology assets can be significant. IT outsourcing offers a practical solution to help your organization control costs, as engaging a third-party provider is more cost-effective than purchasing and managing IT equipment and infrastructure internally. This article highlights the critical IT functions that you can outsource to maximize your business efficiency.

Special IT Projects

  • Outsourcing special IT projects is essential for seamless task execution. Outsourcing providers identify project requirements, delineate responsibilities, and establish problem escalation protocols to avoid waste of time and resources. As your representative, the chosen outsourcing partner negotiates with multiple vendors to expand or upgrade your networks economically while meeting predefined performance standards.

Before implementing new systems, the outsourcing firm conducts thorough site surveys and coordinates necessary preparations to ensure smooth processes. Furthermore, they conduct acceptance testing of all equipment to minimize potential disruptions to your business operations.

Essential Day-to-Day Help Desk Duties

  • Internal IT teams’ day-to-day responsibilities include numerous tasks, which can sometimes become overwhelming depending on the specific needs, requirements, and challenges of your business.

Managed IT service providers offer assistance by providing the necessary tools and services to address daily user issues efficiently.

They specialize in:

  • Ticketing management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Patching and system updates
  • Filtering and responding to user requests
  • Accounts configuration
  • Recovering lost files from backups
  • Researching products for hardware upgrades
  • Implementing virtual servers for departmental use
  • Configuration of firewall and other security solutions
  • Installation of network equipment

Streamlining Network Management

  • Continuous network management is essential for data analysis and implementing configuration changes to enhance performance, security, and reliability. While having a network management system is advantageous, it can pose a significant cost burden for businesses. Outsourcing your network management tasks gives you access to round-the-clock surveillance of all your devices, including access points, routers, switches, and wireless controllers.

Outsourcing providers have the necessary tools and expertise to proactively monitor your business network, address performance issues, and monitor wireless access points concurrently. Outsourcing network management also offers the advantage of network automation. IT service providers handle the repetitive tasks involved in configuring, deploying, and managing both virtual and physical devices, saving valuable time and enhancing overall control.

Network Security

  • According to Statista, global internet users encountered around 52 million data breaches in the second quarter of 2022. While this represents a 56% decrease from the previous quarter, it underscores the persistent and widespread challenge of compromised data security worldwide. Effective cybersecurity measures require the right technology expertise of skilled security professionals. However, these resources can be financially burdensome for businesses, particularly when they have limited resources.

This is why prioritizing network security through outsourcing critical IT functions is advantageous. IT service providers manage essential security aspects such as firewall management, email security, vulnerability assessments, and threat detection. With their expertise, IT professionals ensure that cybersecurity tools are deployed, integrated, and monitored efficiently, mitigating the risk of outdated technology vulnerabilities. By entrusting network security to experts, businesses can minimize exposure to cybersecurity risks and ensure protection for their networks and systems.

Disaster Recovery Planning

  • critical it functionsDuring critical failures, every moment counts in resolving issues with minimal user impact. Outsourcing disaster recovery planning allows employees to concentrate on their roles and mitigate damage while trusting the vendor to dedicate their full efforts to issue resolution.

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