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3 Essential Tips for Data Backup From IT Professionals

data backup tipsWhether you’re a small or large business, your data is crucial no matter what. In today’s world, businesses have to store sensitive customer data that includes their login, credit card, and personal information. And you don’t want to wake up to discover that this important data is gone.

Due to constantly evolving cyber-attacks, it has become near impossible to guarantee that your data will never be stolen by a hacker or get corrupted due to virus or malware. This is why the only way to completely protect yourself from a data loss is to ensure that you regularly backup important data so you can recover whenever a disaster like this hits your business.

If you’re not an IT professional, knowing about effective ways to backup your data can be tough. This is why we sat down with some of the best IT professionals of today to find out what they have to say about data backup and recovery for businesses.

Use Remote Storage Whenever Possible

  • Remote backup storage is one of the most effective ways to protect your data today. Backing your data and storing it on the same PC or disk as your original data is risky. This is why IT professionals recommend backing up your data to an off-site system or have server backups.

By backing up your data on a system that is not present in your IT infrastructure ensures that when your data is compromised on the main system, you can always recover it entirely thorough the remote system. Choose to store your data on a cloud-based server or on an off-site backup system depending on your resources.

Backup Your Data Frequently

  • This is a no brainer. Data can pile up to a lot on a daily basis. So it is very important to backup your data as frequently as possible. On fully managed servers, you have maximum control over how you want to schedule your backups.

If your data is of critical nature, IT experts recommend backing it up more frequently than any other data. Critical data should be continuously backed up because it gets updated all the time. Try to back up this data at least once a day or outsource it to an IT company like Outsource My IT to handle it for you.

Encrypt Your Data

  • Sometimes simply backing your data isn’t going to be enough. So it is very important that you protect backed up data with an extra layer of security. Encrypt your data every time you back it up to ensure that your data will not be stolen or changed when you need to recover it.

Need Backup Solution?

  • There are many ways to backup your data so it is important to choose the option that works best for your business. Companies like Outsource My IT offer a range of data backup solutions for specific needs.

Outsource My IT offers several backup solutions to address different industry-specific challenges. All backup solutions that we implement have an offsite and an onsite component. Your offsite backup component is for major catastrophes, and your local onsite backup is for quick restores. All of the backup solutions that we provide also use encryption keys to make certain that critical data is safe and secure.