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8 Incredible Benefits of VoIP Telephone for Businesses (Part 1)

How VoIP is helpful for small businesses? Here are a few benefits of VoIP telephone for businesses

Approximately 31% of the business market in the United States is currently using a business voice over IP phone system. Whether that be in the hosted capacity or the VoIP PBX capacity. On average about 30% of folks on the market are using it. Let’s discuss the benefits of the VoIP telephone system that make it so popular. This is part one of the 8 Incredible Benefits of VoIP Telephone for Businesses.

Communicate from Anywhere

  • One of the remarkable benefits of a voice-over IP phone system is that a person can communicate and work from anywhere because of the Internet Protocol. The internet is everywhere, so having a phone system that harnesses the power of the Internet to route calls from here to there can provide the ability to essentially work from anywhere. The other nice thing about the VoIP system is mobility. It gives customers the idea that you’re always available or are always in the office.

No client likes to buy from a company or an individual that they feel is not in the same place. And if they’re trying to serve them or handle a customer service need on the run. They like the idea of knowing that the person has a home base and is there and ready to help them. With the voice-over IP phone system it gives the best of both worlds. It allows you to be readily available to the clients and contacts at all times. It also provides the ability to move around a bit, preventing one from being tethered to a desk.

It’s Easier to Make Changes

  • The system gives the ability to make changes to the phone on the fly, without having to involve the carrier. None of us like to call the 1-800 number and sit on hold and wait to talk to the carrier, just to add some features or add another phone or extension for a new employee or things like that. Voice-over IP phone systems have a dashboard that is assigned to the owner. The staff has logins as well for individual users.

An administration panel is also assigned to make basic changes and even some advanced changes. That’s a big thing because nobody loves calling the phone provider if they don’t have to and waiting on hold or calling a customer service department where they have to deal with a bunch of technical stuff. Hence, VoIP phones are pretty user-friendly. Having a back-end portal, which most VoIP phone systems provide by default, is convenient.

Reduced Expenses

  • benefits of voip telephone for businessesAnalog lines cost significantly more than a voice-over IP phone system. Typically a VoIP phone system will cost per extension whereas one has to pay per line with an analog phone system. So, this system costs about 25 to 30 percent less than what you’re paying per line to the analog phone providers.

Analog phone service requires a monthly fee to be paid in exchange for simple phone service. But a voice-over IP phone system, especially the hosted carriers, provides everything wrapped into one. A phone service that would be the equivalent to the old phone lines, with a phone system that has advanced features like caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, conference calling, the list goes on and on.

It’s Cheaper Than a Traditional Phone

  • The cost of ownership of a voice-over IP in comparison to the traditional phone is significantly less. VoIP phones also have a much lower probability of hardware failure in relation to traditional phone systems.

In short, hosted voice over IP phone systems or voice over IP phone systems, in general, are cheaper than old traditional PBX.

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