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What Are Some Best Practices for Wireless Security for Businesses

Manage the wireless security for your business using these tried and tested methods of wireless security for businesses

Wireless security is essential for every business out there. Maintaining security for your wireless network is crucial for the long-term sustainability of your business If not done correctly, your business can be vulnerable to attacks. 

Why Deploy Wireless Security? 

Having a wireless network connection for your employees provides them the convenience of using their devices from anywhere across the building. Various hackers can steal your business data and information through these unprotected wireless networks. 

  • To assure the safety of your company’s information and your wireless connection, you must keep the following few points in mind.

Separate Internal and Guest Users

  • Most of the time when any guest visits your company, they’ll ask for access to your wireless network. Although it is a good business practice to offer your customer an internet connection, it can also cause a breach in your company’s security. 

It is possible to keep your customers separate from your internal users and their access can be restricted. By using technological advancements, you can easily restrict your guests from using the internet like your employees. You can separate the guests from accessing the internal resources of your company unless you allow them yourself.

Use Security Protocol

  • WPA2 can be used to keep your company’s wireless network safe from all kinds of hackers and breaches. It uses all the associated security elements including 802.11i IEEE security specification.

There are two different types that you must know before you use the security protocol. One is a WPA2 enterprise that uses 802.1x authentication and the other one is a WPA2 personal that uses the pre-shared key. WPA2 enterprise can be the best option because it gives authentication to each user with their unique username and password.

Secure Location For The Access Point

  • You must make sure that your internet connection is evenly distributed and you place the access point at some inconvenient location that cannot be accessed easily. It is better that you place the equipment or device somewhere in ceilings or at closed locations.

It is extremely important that you physically secure access points so you can prevent them from any kind of theft or tampering. There are advanced access points available that will allow you to mount your internet device anywhere and you can place a lock to secure the device.

Restrict Signal Strength And Speed

  • You must restrict the signal strength of your business WiFi because providing strong internet to your employees for internal use is necessary. However, it is threatening if you provide a strong internet to any unauthorized user. 

It is good that you provide sufficient internet strength to the customers and guest users but signal strength that crosses out of your building into the public areas can cause huge risks.

After your internet strength crosses your building, it can be used by any unauthorized user. If they try to use your internet then they can also breach your company’s information and internal files. Controlled signal strength can prevent any unauthorized user from gaining access to your company’s system.

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Use Mobile Device Management

  • Using this helpful security element can allow you to separate or restrict devices that do not meet the security standards of your system. This way you can protect the integrity of your business network and all the data it holds.

With Mobile Device Management you can manage all the users and their devices. You can also disable any unauthorized user from using your internet connection.

Final Verdict

  • It is hard to keep a check on your company’s wireless internet system. Using proper wireless security protocols and keeping away all the unauthorized users and hackers from your system is the most basic strategy to prevent any theft and breach in your system.

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