- Network Security

How To Secure Your Wi-Fi at Your Business Office – Critical Advice

Most businesses in 2020 go a great length to keep any unauthorized users away from their networks, but Wi-Fi access points and routers are a completely different story because they can provide hackers with an easy way in. This is because Wi-Fi signals are typically broadcast in and through the walls of the office and out in the streets or to the next building. This is like giving an open invitation to hackers and no…

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- Cybersecurity

Smart Tips to Help You Secure Your Email From Cyber Threats

Email security is very important, especially in a business environment. Most cyber-attacks take place through scam and phishing emails. Email security involves using various tools and techniques to help identify and clear out any potential harms.  Without protection, your email account is essentially a bait for hackers and other suspicious internet users to snoop around. While it is a good idea to outsource email security to an IT company like Outsource My IT, you can…

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- IT Solutions

Should I Use Remote Tech Support For My Company

As remote cloud technologies become easily available, the world of business IT is changing significantly. Due to remote access possibilities, it is a lot easier for businesses to outsource network management to IT companies in the U.S and around the world.  IT has come so far that nearly every services and support you can imagine for a business are now available remotely offered by IT outsourcing companies at increasingly competitive prices. But how do you,…

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- Working Remotely

How To Set Up My Employees To Work From Home – Need Help?

Well it has finally happened! Most companies in our state of New Jersey are working remotely whether they like it or not! Most of our clients have been able to work remotely for a long time, but we have been getting a lot of calls from local and out of state companies asking us how we can fast track them to work remotely! The Good News? We can! There are numerous ways we can help…

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- Managed IT Services

6 Big Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your IT Department

When your business starts to grow, there will come a time when you will need to consider outsourcing your IT department for the many benefits it provides. Outsourcing your IT operations to a company has several advantages such as integration with the latest technology and huge cost savings for your business. While there are some risks to consider as well, outsourcing is largely beneficial for most companies that can’t afford to build up an IT…

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data backup tips
- IT Security

3 Essential Tips for Data Backup From IT Professionals

Whether you’re a small or large business, your data is crucial no matter what. In today’s world, businesses have to store sensitive customer data that includes their login, credit card, and personal information. And you don’t want to wake up to discover that this important data is gone. Due to constantly evolving cyber-attacks, it has become near impossible to guarantee that your data will never be stolen by a hacker or get corrupted due to…

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- Windows EoL

Why Your Business Should Upgrade From Windows 7

When Windows 7 was released by Microsoft, it redefined the operating system and attracted millions of people to upgrade from Windows XP, the then-popular operating system of that time. Windows 7 promised better features, smoother operation, and of course better security. But now that Windows 10 is the current operating system of our generation, and Win 7 has lived past its life, Microsoft has announced that they will be stopping the security updates for the…

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- IT Consulting

Top 3 Benefits of It Consulting Services For Businesses

In 2020, more and more small or medium businesses are struggling with finances to invest in a full-time in-house IT team for their business. Moreover, most of the businesses that do manage to establish a team usually lack in-depth expertise in the domain and it creates problems when carrying out day-to-day activities. This is why many small businesses of today are looking towards partnering with IT consulting services companies to get all of their IT…

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choosing strong passwords
- Cybersecurity, IT Security

Best Practices for Choosing a Strong Password

A password is a critical barrier that protects our digital identities, allowing us to access social media, dating, online shopping, banking, and other digital entities. Unfortunately, people ignore the fact that a password can easily be guessed, hacked, or acquired by un-wanting personnel on the internet, leaving our private information exposed to the world. Thus it is very important to put the mind into creating a strong password, ensuring that it stays well protected from…

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- Cybersecurity

How to Construct the Perfect Cyber Security Roadmap

How to Build a Cyber Security Business Plan The web is crawling with dangers. Countless threats are circulating in today’s cyber landscape, many of which have enough power to compromise your most valuable assets. Not having an IT security plan in the modern age can expose your business to a wide range of risks, liabilities, and frustrating repairs. The solution: cyber security roadmapping. This is a comprehensive risk management strategy can steer you away from…

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