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 How Can Clio Help Your Law Firm Grow?

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For those who are unaware, Clio is a legal practice management solution that is entirely cloud-based and is a must-have tool regardless of the size of your law firm. It is a platform that allows law firms to perform and manage a lot of crucial tasks like tracking important deadlines, managing client documents and cases, billing, and accepting payments from clients.

The Clio dashboard displays all important information for you so don’t lose track of what’s on the agenda. It displays information like your billable target hours and goals and it measures performance based on those goals.

Clio Law Practice Management Software provides three distinct products that can help you grow and expand your law firms. Here, we will discuss those three products and how they can be beneficial for your law firm;

Clio Manage

  • Clio Manage is a product that allows you to manage your cases in an efficient manner which can help you to better organize your work. The best thing about Clio Manage is that you can use it from anywhere and at any time of the day without any problems or issues. Here are some ways in which Clio Manage helps your firm grow;

Categorically Storing Information

Clio Manage helps you in keeping all your records and client information consistent across all platforms. This is done by using custom fields to record your most valued case records and details.

Matter Organization

  • Clio Manager allows you to link all of your tasks, contacts, time entries, and invoices in an organized fashion. It also gives you the option to add notes for yourself as well as your staff anytime you want.

Centralized Overview

Clio Manage provides you the facility that allows you to view all your key tasks, upcoming meetings, appointments, and firm finances on a single screen.

Real-Time Updation of Information

  • The best thing about using Clio Manage is that you can view all the changes as they are happening. This ensures that you can see documents and entries as they are being created.

Clio Grow

  • Clio Grow is another product that helps you better organize and manage your new and old clients from a single platform. It can help your law firm grow in a variety of ways by using the following features;

Efficient Client Management

Clio Grow allows you to manage all your clients and their respective email lists with the aid of a CRM ( Client Relation Management ) system that is entirely cloud-based. This system makes sure that no business opportunities are missed or ignored.

can clio help your law firm growAutomation of Important Tasks

  • With the help of Clio Grow, you can automate a lot of tasks that are essential for effective client communication. These tasks include email follow-ups, appointment reminders, and client intake. Clio Grow makes sure that you do not have to worry about performing these tasks thus freeing up more of your time to find more potential clients.

Effective Contact Organization System

Using Clio Grow, you can search, filter, and tag your contact lists. These parameters make it easy for you to access your database whenever you desire.

Clio Suite

  • Clio Suite is a combination of Clio Manage and Clio Grow. Clio Suite ensures that not only your cases and clients are properly organized but also that you have CRM software that can help you in managing and dealing with your clients and their needs.

provides a host of features like;

  • It helps you to automate multiple tasks like client intake and case management. This allows you to focus on your other work which, in the end, will benefit the firm.
  • It provides you the feature of adding potential client information and access this information easily with the help of Quick Intake
  • It allows you to sync your practice management calendars.
  • It gives you the option to use automated reminders and checklists which can help you in efficiently managing appointments and tasks.

In the aforementioned text, we discussed a variety of Clio products and the ways in which they can help your law firms grow irrespective of how large or small they are. If you have any queries about Clio, you can contact us today at Outsource My IT.