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Why Your Business Should Upgrade From Windows 7

When Windows 7 was released by Microsoft, it redefined the operating system and attracted millions of people to upgrade from Windows XP, the then-popular operating system of that time. Windows 7 promised better features, smoother operation, and of course better security. But now that Windows 10 is the current operating system of our generation, and Win 7 has lived past its life, Microsoft has announced that they will be stopping the security updates for the…

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How to Prevent Windows OS Vulnerabilities

January 14, 2020, is within short reach but it’s not too late to make the jump to Windows 10. Upgrading your operating system (OS) now can help you avoid some of the web’s most ruthless cyber dangers. Windows 7 is officially on life support, and with its final days ticking down, it’s time for businesses to start thinking about other options. Change can be difficult, but instead of signing up for Windows 7 extended support,…

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