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10 Interesting Cloud Computing Facts (Part 1)

Read below impressive cloud computing facts and benefits for small businesses in New Jersey

Large-scale migration to remote work increased cyber-attacks, and financial constraints are some of the profound paradigm shifts the organizations had to face over the past few years. But cloud platforms have effectively helped businesses address these technical challenges. We have compiled a list of interesting facts about the cloud that can help organizations thrive.

Government Is The Largest User Of The Cloud

  • The Government is considered one of the largest users of the cloud in the world. Annually, these agencies spend $ 2 billion on building, preserving, and maintaining cloud services. The various branches of government use the cloud, commercial cloud, private cloud, and shared cloud.

The government makes use of specifically private clouds to maintain security and command over the cloud. It is estimated that about half of the US population uses the cloud.

Cloud Serves As A Way To The Future

  • Cloud does much more than just store your confidential data. The power of the cloud is nourishing all sorts of research angles. For instance, Intel is researching the ability of cloud technology to generate water resource management. Researchers are looking for ways of decoding brainwaves to interact with specific software for creating the targeted resources.

Investment in the cloud can make your business more trustworthy, accessible, and easier to use. This way cloud is paving the path for future technological developments that will be highly useful for humanity.

Cloud Computing Has Several Types Of Applications

  • There are various formats of access offered by the cloud depending on the requirements of your business. You can choose a type of cloud computing application according to the IT support your business needs.

Single Solution

  • Where data is externally hosted on servers that are only exclusive to your organization, it is best to choose a single solution.

Universal solution

  • Community hosting can allow you to save costs by sharing space with others. A universal solution or hybrids, on the other hand, are ideal for offering public space on your server.

Cloud applications like Office 365 can be used to obtain the required benefits if you are not ready to migrate all the storage and processes to the cloud.

Cloud Computing Has Led To Better Job Opportunities

  • Advancement in technology has given rise to more employment opportunities. Many businesses have regulated their IT department to include new roles for cloud specialists.

This has increased the probability of jobs for:

  • Cloud consultants
  • Cloud software architects
  • Cloud engineers

More cloud specialists are needed in the field to complete the relevant interactions with customers. This has given skilled and enthusiastic individuals a better chance at a six-figure salary. Those who understand this technology can make a fortune by opting for one of these roles.

Most Security Breaches Are Caused By Humans

  • cloud computing factsAlthough there are some concerns regarding cloud security, there is no reason to hesitate while choosing the cloud. The security breaches are human and are not the fault of the cloud.

The risk arises when cybercriminals find a loose end. This can be initially prevented by educating the employees to be more careful while giving out their personal information.

Tactics Used By Cybercriminals

  • Despite the advancement in technology, the risk of phishing attacks remains the same. Cybercriminals are developing advanced social engineering tactics to sabotage the security of organizations.

They make use of different strategies to instill anger and anxiety among the employees thereby getting them to disclose their personal information. It is, therefore, a wise idea to prepare and equip your employees to recognize and deactivate Cybersecurity attacks.

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