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What is Cloud Migration? Understanding The Strategies, Best Practices, and Challenges (Part 2)

Learn the benefits of  cloud migration and understand the strategies, best practices, and challenges for small businesses in New Jersey

As cloud migrations are increasingly becoming popular more and more companies are transitioning to the cloud. The cloud service permits customers to oversee digital operations of their business distantly, without the security hazards and cost of keeping up with on-premise equipment. Here are some benefits and challenges associated with cloud migration.

Benefits Of Cloud Migration

  • Here are some benefits of cloud migration for businesses:


  • Rather than holding all the data on-site, the cloud provides a secure location for businesses to store their data. Although not all risks are eliminated by switching business to the cloud, however, most of these risks are outsourced in some form.

This has the additional advantage of keeping the business up to date on physical security requirements regarding the data.


  • With the cloud, there is no need to hire an IT manager or a network administrator to manage all the hardware and software. This saves a lot of costs.

Data centers not only require payment for the hardware equipment and licensing, but also for the room that it is kept in. Lesser hardware equipment requires less maintenance cost. It also reduces the staffing cost.

Agility And Scalability

  • Scalability is one of the big drivers as to why the cloud is winning. It helps businesses grow and expand by moving software faster than ever. Operating more than one data center in a single country is most likely beyond the reach of most businesses.

The cloud makes it possible to simply deploy the application in two areas or data centers with the click of a button.

Ease Of Access

  • When all the data is stored in a secure location, it can be accessed anytime in any situation. It also makes it possible for the members of the business team to have access to the business data using any device from any location.

Maintenance And Software Updates

  • Part of the cloud offering is essentially the support and maintenance that these big providers provide. This means that the server is always patched and always up to date. Without having to require any effort on the customer’s part.

Cloud Migration Deployment Models

  • Enterprises today can choose from more than one of the following cloud scenarios:

Public Cloud

  • It allows users to have access to compute resources using the internet or other dedicated connections.

Private Cloud

  • With a private cloud, the data is kept within the data center and cloud resources are used and owned solely by one organization.

Hybrid Cloud

  • It allows resources to be moved between public and private cloud by combing the two models.


  • As the name indicates, multi-cloud scenarios allow the use of multi-cloud services in a single environment. This means enterprises can use IaaS options from more than one public cloud provider.

Cloud Migration Challenges

A key part of cloud migration strategy is anticipating and preparing for cloud migration challenges. Here are some common challenges associated with cloud migration.

Cost Management

  • Cloud inarguably delivers cost-saving benefits to organizations but it is easier to underestimate the cloud expenses.

Consider the cost of migration, the potential need for increased bandwidth, and future recurring expenses before migrating to the cloud.

Application Dependencies

  • cloud migrationThe application dependencies can get complicated and cause problems in migration. Cloud provider discovery tools can help big time.

Difficulty Migrating Legacy Applications

  • Some applications are difficult to get to the cloud and can bring migration to a screeching halt. In these instances, it is important to decide what needs to be rebuilt and what is worth repurchasing.

Database Related Challenges

  • It takes a great deal of time to get the massive amount of data to the cloud. To deal with this, some cloud providers physically copy the data to the provided hardware which is then shipped off.

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