Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Are you unsure of whether a public cloud or hosted private cloud is right for your business? Consider hybrid cloud hosting.

What Is A Hybrid Cloud Solution?

To put it simply, hybrid cloud hosting is a solution that uses both local and offsite resources for managing storage. A hybrid cloud consists of a minimum of one private cloud (internal cloud) and one public cloud (external cloud).

The biggest benefit to hybrid cloud hosting is the ability to have data that is accessible both locally and in the cloud. Having data stored in multiple locations gives you redundancy—if there is a disaster, you can go to a local coffee shop and still access all of your data. The advantage of hybrid cloud storage is that you have data stored locally too. If your internet goes down, not everyone has to go to a coffee shop to work. An onsite cloud provides you with in-house security and ensures that you will always have onsite access to your data.

Hybrid Cloud Management Delivered By Industry Experts

Your company’s competitive stance tomorrow is dependent on the strategic decisions that you make today. Allowing Outsource My IT to help you navigate the move to the cloud enables your company to go from having a regional presence to a global outreach while benefiting from:

  • Better System Controls—We give you the tools you need to help you manage and control your system. A private cloud allows a customizable server environment in ways that the public cloud does not.
  • Scalability—Hybrid cloud options give you the ability to scale up or down based on business needs.
  • Stronger Security—We offer secure data storage so that your business never has to worry about losing critical data in the event of theft or a disaster.
  • Performance—Cloud bursting eliminates performance issues that resource spikes can create with other storage methods.
  • Complete Business Continuity—Affordable and effective backup is possible with a hybrid cloud solution. With data stored both onsite and offsite, your business can rest assured that your data is secure and readily available event in the event of an onsite disaster.

Whether you are still using a physical server or have data stored only in a public cloud environment, Outsource My IT has the expertise to move your business to a hybrid cloud solution with ease. We have experience working with many different public cloud vendors, and we have implemented secure private clouds for several organizations.

Experience The Benefits Of A Hybrid Cloud

Enjoy cost effectiveness, mobility, security, and scalability with a hybrid cloud solution.

Hybrid Cloud: The Ideal Use Of Public And Private Resources

Are you interested in a public cloud option like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure but want to combine it with exceptional cloud performance? Hybrid cloud solutions are the perfect solution. With the highly experienced technical experts of Outsource My IT on your side, the transition to a hybrid cloud will be seamless. In addition to cloud services, we provide comprehensive managed services to consistently monitor your network’s performance. Our managed services include disaster recovery services, data backup, managed security, email security, wireless networking, and mobile device management.

Interested in a hybrid cloud solution? Contact the IT experts at Outsource My IT today.