Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting gives you the same scalability and efficiency of the public cloud with higher levels of control and security.

Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting means that your business receives private IT infrastructure for the dedicated use of storage for your organization. A private cloud is different from a managed virtual private cloud (VPC) because a private cloud is solely used by your organization, whereas a virtual private network (VPN) consists of shared computing resources within a public cloud environment. In a VPC, there is a certain level of isolation within a shared infrastructure.

The technical experts at Outsource My IT provide a wide range of cloud services to fit your business’s specific needs. Our team can build the infrastructure you need to support a dedicated, secure, single private cloud solution.

Benefits Of The Private Cloud For Your Business

If your business could benefit from increased security, customization, and a high-performing cloud option, a managed private cloud may be the right solution for you. Managed private cloud hosting offers:

  • Security—A private cloud option uses dedicated hardware, which means increased security. You can rest assured that with the enhanced security of a physically isolated network, your data is secure.
  • Scalability—With a private cloud, you get the same scalability and efficiency as a public cloud.
  • Customization—A private cloud gives you the option to customize your network environment based on your business’s unique needs.
  • Performance—With dedicated resources for your business, a private cloud offers performance advantages over the public cloud.

You need to evolve to be successful, but the cloud is complex. Our certified experts are familiar with all leading private cloud vendors, platforms, and technologies to help you build a private cloud infrastructure.

Security, Control, And Performance

If you need these three features in a cloud solution, a managed private cloud provides an ideal option for your business.

For A Robust Solution And Unrivaled Support, We Have You Covered

A private cloud maintains the security and reliability of a normal dedicated server but with all of the benefits that cloud solutions have to offer. Enjoy increased scalability, flexibility, and customization with a managed private cloud solution. Outsource My IT has the technical expertise to build your business a dedicated cloud infrastructure. Even if you aren’t sure what cloud option would be best for your business, we provide consulting to advise you on the best cloud hosting solution for your specific needs.

Does your business not want to share resources? Do you want the scalability of the cloud with better security, control, and performance? A private cloud would be an excellent option for your business. If you have any questions or would like to get started, contact our team today.