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5 Brilliant Cloud Storage Services for Businesses

IT consultants talk about the most reliable 5 cloud storage services for businesses.

A cloud storage service is a secure online space that is used for storing your data. Data loss and theft are more common than you think. This is why most businesses are already using specialized cloud services for backing up their data. One key benefit of using a cloud storage service is its accessibility from anywhere in the world.

There are many cloud storage services available, but which one is best suited for your business needs? We have compiled the 5 best cloud storage services for businesses that deliver the best value for money. Read about them below.


  • pCloud sits at the top of our list because it offers a lifetime subscription. pCloud starts you off with a free 10GB storage which can be upgraded to 500GB and 2TB depending on your package. In addition to this, for a small monthly charge, they provide individual file locking and unlocking services as well. pCloud is great for encryption but offers very few features.


  • Nordlocker is the cloud storage solution created by the famous NordVPN. NordVPN has been providing safe, fast, and secure VPN services for quite some time, and the same can be expected from their cloud storage service. Nordlocker gives you a basic 3GB storage which can be upgraded to 500GB for a small monthly (or annual) subscription fee.

Nordlocker has advanced encryption protocols such as AES256, Argon2, and ECC. This allows only the user to decrypt their files. Nordlocker doesn’t offer many features, but it is #1 in terms of security and privacy.


  • IDrive is the most user-friendly cloud storage service. A user can directly store files via Facebook, Twitter, and email in addition to their app. All deleted files are kept for 30 days on their servers even if sync is turned on. IDrive also allows people to backup data from different computers on a shared network.

IDrive offers an amazing service called IDrive Express; they send you a physical hard disk so you can restore all of your data. You receive 5GB free data storage space, which can be upgraded to 5TB by subscribing to a monthly or an annual payment plan. IDrive offers only basic encryption and security for your data.

Google Drive

cloud storage services for businesses

  • Google Drive certainly needs no introduction. It is one of the most widely used cloud storage services. Google Drive integrates with all platforms and offers free services such as Google Photos, Google’s Office Suite, Google Workspace, and many others. Users receive 15GB of basic free storage space, which can be upgraded to 2TB and can be used on an unlimited number of devices after paying a monthly service fee. However, Google Drive’s web interface isn’t very user-friendly.

Microsoft OneDrive

  • Microsoft’s cloud storage solution is called OneDrive. It comes pre-installed on all Windows devices and offers PC-Cloud sync. OneDrive offers built-in integration with Microsoft Office, Teams, Outlook, and other non-Microsoft applications. Users get a basic 5GB storage upon signup. OneDrive offers many storage sizes and pricing options. OneDrive’s interface is user-friendly and works on all platforms. OneDrive cannot be used on a computer network and requires a premium plan for advanced features.

There are many web-based cloud storage services available, each with its own sets of pros and cons. A key assessment of your business needs will help you select the best service. Thus, you can minimize costs and maximize benefits.

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