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10 Benefits Of Cloud Storage Services For Businesses (Part 1)

Read below and find out the advantages of cloud storage services for small businesses

Moving your data and files to the cloud may seem daunting but it’s worth it. The cost-effectiveness and other tangible benefits of cloud file sharing for businesses are the driving factors behind the shift to cloud storage services. Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible benefits of cloud file sharing.

Increase Business Productivity

  • According to a report from the International Workplace Group, about 70% of people work remotely at least once a week. The cloud storage services allow employees to work conveniently from their homes, on the road, or from any other remote location.

The right type of cloud file sharing and storage service enables employees to synchronize important files and data from the location they are working from. In addition, collaboration is easy which makes sharing information via the cloud as simple as sending a link. This eliminates the risk of data losses, emailing large files, and version control between static files.

Seamless Backup And Recovery

  • Cloud file sharing and storage services also allow organizations to seamlessly back up and recover their important data. Moreover, based on the cloud storage service you select, provides you the resilience to grow and adjust your backup needs effectively.

Cloud vendors also ensure that your data is kept safe and ready when needed. The cloud allows your organization to adhere to the best practices by providing:

  • Sufficient storage to keep your files backed up.
  • A secure off-site location for the storage of your files.
  • An easy way to back up and restore data frequently.

Ability To Remotely Update And Sync Data

  • Cloud services come with a feature named synchronization or sync. To access this feature users need to download and log into a cloud app known as sync client. This app allows you to synchronize and update your files across every device instantly, given that you have installed the app on multiple devices.

This eliminates the need to manually download or upload anything. Some advanced services like pCloud and Icedrive allow you to access the data without even synchronizing because of their feature called network drives. This saves time and drives space.

Offer A Lifetime Storage

  • With online services long-term always pays off. This is especially advantageous with something that does not need to be changed frequently such as cloud storage. You can choose lifetime storage plans by opting for reliable cloud services.

This allows you to make a one-time investment and use a certain amount of storage for the long term thus saving costs. The cost-saving benefits of these services exceed the monthly or yearly plans. However, there are only a few services that offer lifetime storage plans.

Keep Your Files Safe

  • cloud storage servicesWhen files are locally stored on a device, they become susceptible to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Hackers can get into your system and gain access to confidential data. They infect your computer with a malicious virus that can develop software issues and cause you to lose your data permanently.

The smartest thing to do for protecting your data is to keep it in the cloud. Fortunately, many of the cloud services offer encryption for your files thereby preventing unauthorized access.


  • The process in which files are protected using a string of unreadable code is known as encryption. These codes are only readable using an encryption key. This makes it hard for outsiders to decrypt and access your files.

There is another service known as Zero-knowledge encryption in which only one user has the encryption key. That means if you opt for this service you will be the only one to have access to your data.

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