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Why Businesses Need to Take Cyber-Risk Awareness Seriously

Millions of cyberthreats roam around the web. You must take the time to educate your employees so they know how to protect your valuable data.

When it comes to risk management, you can never be too careful. Your technology is the epicenter for data and other sensitive information, and many cyberattacks have enough power to wipe away this data with just one stroke. The good thing is that most of these issues are preventable. In this blog, you’ll learn how a cyber-risk assessment can steer those dangers away from what you value most.

A cybersecurity risk awareness assessment can have a monumental impact on the state of your business. This comprehensive security training tool educates employees on a variety of topics. Not only will you learn how to identify vulnerabilities in your network, but you’ll also get best practice advice from some of the industry’s sharpest cybersecurity professionals. They’ll effectively illustrate what it takes for you to keep your assets safe and secure so you can take advantage of:

A Fully Competent Workforce

Human error is the leading cause of security breaches and cyberattacks. Unfortunately, many employees aren’t introduced to proper security protocols. That lack of training opens the door for hackers to take advantage of one’s ignorance. From there, they plant malicious traps that expand vulnerabilities, paving a clear path into the network. Cybersecurity awareness training dramatically reduces the risk of human error. The training shows staff members how to protect your company when using technology so there’s no guessing what security steps should be taken when a risk presents itself.

Less Downtime

If a breach or incident occurs, it takes a considerable amount of time to investigate and repair. That’s time you could be devoting to other aspects of the business. Instead, you’ll have to take a few steps back just to get your technology up to speed. Not only will this interrupt your workflow, but it can hinder your ability to reach deadlines. One of the most important aspects of any good cybersecurity risk awareness program is vulnerability testing. Vulnerability scans give users a big-picture view of what’s going on in their infrastructure. It allows you to do your own troubleshooting so you can find a solution that prevents future disruptions.

Better Adoption Rates

Let’s face it—most employees aren’t going to read the entire security policy. With that said, they won’t know what security practices need to be adopted. Cyber-risk training walks through the entire security response process step by step. This empowers your staff to make more informed decisions when an issue arises. Thorough training results in greater security adoption, which promotes more data protection across the organization.

Transparent Communication

Cybersecurity awareness helps keep everyone on the same page, which is critical for reducing risks. When it comes to risk management, security needs to be cohesive across every department. Each security practice needs to apply to the entire team, and that’s one of the primary messages conveyed in a cyber-awareness training session. This will help prevent rogue groups from testing multiple security practices that don’t work.


You’ll need to adhere to policies governed by laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Risking non-compliance could cost you significantly. Cybersecurity awareness training sessions walk you through these policies so you never cross any lines when using your IT system. This helps keep sensitive information compliant with each policy, as every employee will get a full understanding of what the rules entail.

More Risk Training

Your technology is a non-moving target. Multiple risks swarm the digital landscape, so it’s important to know what is causing these issues. Many cybersecurity awareness programs incorporate penetration tests, which are a form of ethical hacking. With these tests, a technology provider will intentionally poke holes in your network to examine what vulnerabilities are most sensitive. This gives your security team the upper hand because they can see the source of the problem and apply more security to cushion those vulnerabilities. Additionally, you’ll also want to consider simulations like phishing assessments. This gives employees the chance to act on what appears to be a “real-life” threat. Ultimately, you’ll be exposing your team to more data so they can familiarize themselves with the overall threat landscape.

Cybersecurity Testing Done Right

When it comes to security awareness, the experts at Outsource My IT have all the answers. We are passionate about keeping your business’s critical data secure. Set up your cybersecurity awareness assessment with our team now so you can keep a safe grip on your most valuable assets for years to come.

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