Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a broad term which refers to the technologies, processes, and practices that offer protection to businesses and organizations against cyber attacks, data breach, and attempts to gain unauthorized access to the system. Protection of a business’s important assets such as networks, programs, data, and devices stand at the core of cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity is also called information technology security. 

Why is there a Need for Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity prevents organizations from losing precious and confidential data. As the saying goes: Data is the New Oil. In today’s day and age, data has become extremely valuable. All organizations; whether governmental, non-governmental, or privately-owned collect, process, and covert huge amounts of data to information on a daily basis. Cyber attacks are aimed at stealing confidential data and using it for malicious purposes such as blackmail. 

If a company comes under cyberattacks, it faces the following damages:

  • Economic loss: the organization’s vital systems come to a halt and cannot function properly. Loss of precious data and disruptions in day-to-functions can cost organizations huge sums of money.
  • Reputational loss: When an organization comes under a cyber attack, it sends a clear message to the stakeholders that this organization cannot be trusted with their confidential and sensitive information.
  • Fines and Penalties: Companies often find themselves in hot water with local authorities if they come under a cyberattack. Fines and penalties are imposed for lack of effective compliance with data protection and privacy laws

Outsource My IT offers cybersecurity services in the following areas:

IT Security

IT security is a broad term used to describe different strategies and actions that are aimed at protecting important organizational assets such as data, networks, and computers. IT security ensures that the organizational assets are protected from unauthorized access and no breach of sensitive and confidential information occurs. Data breaches can be damaging to the organization’s status in multiple ways which is why foolproof IT security is the recommended way to deal with a cyber-attack. 

Outsource My IT focuses on making your data as safe as possible. Our IT security package includes the following services:

  • Firewall Installation
  • Gateway Antivirus
  • Malware Protection
  • Encryption
  • Training
  • Backups
  • Security Cameras

Data Backup

Data backup is the process of storing data in secure IT ecosystems other than the conventional storage spaces. Data backup is an important component of disaster recovery as it allows an organization to recover important data in case it is lost or destroyed in the first place. Data backup involves the copying and archiving of important business data. 

Having a reliable data backup system allows the organization to recover quickly and continue with the usual processes in the event of a disaster. Outsource My IT offers foolproof data backup solutions and has been working with several industry-leading providers to offer multiple backup solutions based on each industry’s needs. 

Disaster Recovery

IT disaster recovery is the process of recovering important components of IT infrastructure after a disaster strikes. It comprises a set of procedures and policies that help in anticipating, planning, surviving, and recovering from a disaster. Whether the disaster is manmade or natural, effective disaster recovery aids the organization in getting back on its feet quickly and seamlessly. 

Because the best offense is a good defense, we take security and backups seriously. When disaster does strike, we’re here to restore your data quickly. Our disaster recovery services for data backup include:

  • Antivirus Software
  • Gateway Antivirus Software
  • Firewall Software
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Encryption
  • Security Camera Solution

Email Security

Email security entails the protection of email accounts and the contents of emails from unauthorized access. Emails are the official mode of communication for any business and they contain sensitive and confidential information. Hackers usually look for vulnerable entry points such as unguarded emails through which they can gain access to the organization’s data. 

Malware, phishing attacks, and spam are usually spread through emails. Hence, email security is vital to the robust functioning of an organization. Outsource My IT provides email security services and helps keep private data secure with Reflexion to keep your users and your business safe from email threats.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is a regulatory process that involves the managing, monitoring, and securing of mobile devices that are used by the employees of an organization. These devices include laptops, tablets, and smartphones, etc. If mobile devices aren’t properly encrypted, hackers can access sensitive information. Mobile device management allows enhanced productivity and improved data security for the organization. 

Outsource My IT specializes in device management to bring remote support capabilities to your mobile devices. Our Mobile Device Management offers the following useful features:

  • Remote Wipe on Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops
  • Encryption of Mobile Devices
  • Password and Biometric Access Management
  • Automatic Backup of All Information

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking eliminates the need for cables and allows stations and devices to be connected to computer networks through electromagnetic waves. Wireless networking brings convenience and reduces cost. They also allow ease of mobility as devices are not tethered to cables. The lack of wires allows easy setup, enhanced mobility, and reduction in operation and maintenance costs. Wireless networks also provide robust and advanced security protections.

Outsource My IT specializes in-building wireless networks that maximize uptime and ensure your network is safe from hackers. We provide secure, accessible, and flexible wireless networks.

Risk Management

IT risk management comprises of an organization’s policies and procedures to mitigate the threats, vulnerabilities, and potential damages caused by cyber-attacks. It is a preventive step that organizations take to reduce the probability and the impact caused by a cyber attack. IT risk management not only reduces the vulnerabilities of a system, but they also help organizations in making wiser decisions regarding managing future risks. 

The experts are Outsource My IT build risk management plans to help keep all of your cybersecurity threats at bay. They offer the following services:

  • Cybersecurity planning
  • Network security support
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Building Risk Management Plans