Data Backup

Outsource My IT offers a range of data backup solutions for your industry-specific needs.

Data Backup Services That Fit Your Needs

When most people think about cyber security, they only think about actively combating threats: antivirus solutions, firewalls, real-time monitoring, and so on. But what happens in the troubling event that your business loses everything? Fires, floods, extended power loss, electrical storms, and criminal activity can all result in loss of business-critical data. If you’re not protecting your data with automated, secure backup, your business is at risk. That’s why data backup and recovery services are just as important as any other cyber security solution.

Outsource My IT offers several backup solutions to address different industry-specific challenges. All backup solutions that we implement have an offsite and an onsite component. Your offsite backup component is for major catastrophes, and your local onsite backup is for quick restores. All of the backup solutions that we provide also use encryption keys to make certain that critical data is safe and secure.

We offer the following three backup solutions for your business:

  • DattoEndpoint Backup is Datto’s data backup product that increases control and continuity. This fully unified file backup solution provides power, speed, and analytics.
  • Axcient—Axcient’s Backup for Files is a business-class, cloud-based backup service providing file-level backup that you can have up and running in minutes.
  • BarracudaBarracuda Backup is a single, integrated solution that keeps all of your data safe. Barracuda Backup is easy to set up and manage while allowing for data backup to a secure cloud or private location.

One of our IT experts can help you understand the capabilities of each backup software and which would be the best fit for your business.

How Our Hybrid Solutions Help Your Business

We develop hybrid solutions to provide your business with a robust data backup recovery system. By using a local backup for speed and a cloud-based copy for disaster recovery, your company will have multiple recovery points in the event of a disaster. We work with some of the top names in the industry to bring you the best solutions. Partnering with Datta, Axcient, and Barracuda allows us to deliver the best cloud data backup services in addition to our local, onsite solutions.

We don’t just offer the very best solutions from leading vendors; we also monitor your backups and test them on a regular basis. If a disaster does occur, we want to make sure that it doesn’t affect your business operations or bottom line.

With Outsource My IT, you can rest assured that:

  • Your data is encrypted and backed up both onsite and offsite.
  • Your backups are monitored around the clock to prevent issues.
  • Your backups are tested on a regular basis to ensure recoverability.
  • Your backups will be recovered promptly in the event of data loss.

Be Prepared For Unexpected Disasters

Nearly 94% of businesses will experience a data catastrophe of some kind. Make sure you’re prepared with data backup.

Outsource My IT’s Disaster Preparedness Solutions

Why do we care about data loss? When you lose data, your business operations are interrupted. Suppliers can’t work with you, employees can’t complete day-to-day tasks, customers can’t get what they have been promised, and families’ sensitive information may be put at risk. The people who are connected to your business and trust in your reputation are worth the effort it takes to ensure that your productivity doesn’t suffer as a result of an unexpected interruption. For an easy-to-manage, reliable, secure managed service provider (MSP) backup software, Outsource My IT has the solution for your business.

Looking for comprehensive data backup and disaster-avoidance solutions in the tri-state area? Contact the business continuity specialists at Outsource My IT today.