Email Security

Securing your network is only one piece of the puzzle. We also secure all of the confidential information, data, and files that you exchange via email.

Complete Email Security To Protect You From Threats

Outsource My IT Partners with Reflexion to keep your users and your business safe from email threats. By partnering with Reflexion, we can bring our valued customers a secure email service that includes the following:

  • Total Control Email Security—Reflexion’s anti-spam and email security service allows us to address a wide variety of customer requirements with simplicity. It blocks spam, viruses, and other attacks before they reach your corporate network.
  • Email Archiving, Discovery, and Recovery—Email archiving allows you to secure your business data with an unlimited, searchable, securely stored cloud email archive. You never have to worry if emails have been misplaced or deleted. With archiving, you enjoy rapid retrieval of emails through a searchable knowledge base.
  • Email Encryption—The encrypted email service from Reflexion is a cost-effective way for you to ensure privacy and meet regulatory compliance. Secure email encryption solutions protect you and your customers by encrypting sensitive email. This solution supports HIPAA email compliance as well as FINRA, GLBA, PHI, and PII.
  • Email Continuity—Email continuity services allow your employees to access their email and continue with business operations during an outage.

Why Is Email Security So Important?

In today’s connected world, it is more crucial than ever that you keep your business safe with protection from all threats and data theft. Protecting your network is essential, but email is another place where sensitive information lives. This is why it’s imperative that you meet regulatory compliance with a service that provides secure email solutions like anti-spam and virus protection, encryption, archiving, and business continuity.

Email security is important for several reasons, including:

  • Email attacks affect your entire organization
  • Basic anti-spam filters only do so much
  • Email threats are evolving and becoming increasingly complex
  • Your email security filter only catches known threats

Having an effective email security solution to protect your private email information is critical in today’s security landscape. Outsource My IT provides the email security services your company needs to protect your organization.

Email Is The Most Common IT Security Threat

An estimated 75% of threats initially enter organizations via email attachments. Make sure you are protected with email security.

Send And Receive Emails Without Worry

How can you be sure that your emails are safe from cyber criminals? Without a robust email security solution, others may have easy access to your business growth plans, company finances, pending contracts, and private conversations. As part of our managed IT services, the email experts at Outsource My IT can step in and implement a top-rated business-class email solution with built-in security capabilities. Moreover we can make sure that you meet compliance regulations for your industry.

If you are still using a consumer-grade email, you are at risk. Reach out to Outsource My IT today for email security solutions that will protect your company’s sensitive data.