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 Fool-Proof Risk Mitigation Strategies


Fend off cyber attacks by taking advantage of the best risk mitigation solutions. 


Why Your Business Needs Risk Mitigation

Every business takes risks, but not every risk can be associated with a reward. Many times, what results from a risk is uncontrollable, and, sadly, that might inflict damage later on. Usually, cyber dangers are attributed to the decisions we make about our information technology. Enforcing a company-wide risk mitigation policy can help you reduce the risk of disaster compromising your hard-earned valuables.

Outsource My IT develops authentic risk management plans exclusively tailored to fit each client’s business model. We establish thorough procedures to help companies identify and defend against potential risks. And these programs are used in each technology program, as they streamline all disaster recovery, data backup, and business continuity efforts. And when executed correctly, our risk mitigation programming can help your company bolster success in several areas, including:

  • More consistent and efficient operations
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • A healthier bottom line

Our risk mitigation plans are secret recipes with four very specific ingredients. The first step in the process is to examine your infrastructure and survey the landscape of risks. Once we have a full grasp of what threats surround your network, we follow up to ensure your strategy incorporates these elements:

Risk Awareness Training

  • This is an ongoing educational procedure performed by professional managed service providers (MSPs). These IT security specialists walk you through the landscape of threats and teach you about the web’s most dangerous cybersecurity issues. They show you the warning signs to look for while instructing you on how to respond to an attack. Additionally, your employees should be prepared with routine phishing simulations. This exposes users to what threats look like in real life and gives them the chance to practice the appropriate security protocols.

Vulnerability Testing

  • This goes hand in hand with your risk awareness training regimen. A vulnerability assessment (VA) provides a clear view of where the weakest points of your network are. MSPs scan your technology and look for voids that can be easily exploited by a cybercriminal. This shows administrators what areas need to be patched up with extra layers of protection. If you truly want to get ahead of the curve, you’ll want to establish a VA routine. Check out one of our previous blogs to learn more about the importance of regular vulnerability scanning. 

Penetration Testing

  • Another way we identify vulnerabilities is through penetration testing. This proactive security measure is often referred to as “white hat hacking,” which is an ethical hacking procedure. What this means is an MSP intentionally hacks into your network. The only difference is we won’t plant any traps like a real-life hacker would. This allows you to see new vulnerabilities that might have been overlooked in the original VA scan.

Managed IT Security

  • A firewall system and antivirus software can only do so much. When it comes to network security, it’s best to have one of our professionals in your corner. To fully mitigate risks from impacting your IT, you’ll want to work with an MSP that monitors your network around the clock. These are cybersecurity experts who can spot risks as soon as they arise. Once an issue is detected, we’ll immediately back up all data and convert it to a safe storage center so your most valuable assets don’t vanish. Additionally, we’ll combat the threat directly before it has the opportunity to strike your infrastructure. And if an issue ensues internally, you’ll be able to contact our helpdesk to troubleshoot the source of the problem.

Make Risk Management Safe and Easy

At Outsource My IT, we refuse to let cyberthreats stop you from getting the most from your technology.

Perfect the Risk Mitigation Process

When it comes to IT security, Outsource My IT is the gold standard. We are a team of experts and problem solvers who work tirelessly to keep threats away from your most valuable assets. Whether it’s managed IT, cloud support, or disaster recovery, we’ll be there to make sure your network and infrastructure remain unscathed.

Take full control of your IT system now. Contact us today to set up your next risk assessment with the world-class technology leaders at Outsource My IT!