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Cybersecurity Trends—2019 Review and 2020 Expectations

Take a close look at the emerging trends in today’s cybersecurity landscape and catch a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon in the coming year.

IT security is a popular topic for organizations and businesses of all sizes across various industries. Each company has a different set of priorities, so not all security trends will be the same across the board, but every team should be concerned with one general constant. There’s no escaping the inevitable. Technology will continue evolving, but that also means cyberattacks will continue to get stronger and more severe.

Cyberspace security is more important than ever before. Today’s current trends relate to the types of attacks, prevention methods, and industries that are targeted, and this blog helps break down all the important things in these three categories.

2019’s Top Cybersecurity Trends

Plenty of security measures have been introduced throughout the year and for many reasons. These are just four of the primary themes we’ve grown accustomed to:

Cybersecurity Automation

  • A company should never be hindered by its growth, but that’s not always the case. Every time you bring on a new employee, you must clear space for a new workstation. And the more staff members you have, the more likely it is for human error to result. This can expose your network’s vulnerabilities, which can turn it into a breeding ground for data breaches.

Cybersecurity automation detects when new threats are on the horizon. When issues emerge, users are notified and security measures immediately activated. Automation technology alerts your security team to take action to remedy the issue.

Mobile Device Threats

  • We live in a society dominated by mobile technology and there are no signs of that slowing. More and more businesses are rolling out policies that allow users to operate from their own personal technology. “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies are growing more common, but they are also leaving the door open for outside threats to leak in. Not every mobile device will be covered under the same layer of cybersecurity, so partnering with a managed service provider is crucial.


Cryptocurrency is growing more popular by the day. More and more people are beginning to invest in some sort of virtual currency method, but, unfortunately, this also triggers the risk of crypto-jacking. Crypto-jacking is a process in which cryptohackers mine for virtual coins. This form of theft is typically conducted through an unauthorized form of software and may become more common and severe than certain forms of ransomware, according to IBM’s threat intelligence index.


  • A virtualized infrastructure is today’s norm. More and more companies are virtualizing their environments to simplify the server management process. To put it simply, virtualization is a process that supports each piece of hardware in your network under the power of one centralized server. This method protects and isolates your hardware so it can be operated as separate machines. It eliminates the frustration of wiring and the deployment of multiple servers, which cuts down on the list of things to monitor.

What to Expect in 2020

The security professionals at the Cyber Security Hub predict businesses will be leaning in this direction at the turn of the year:

  • Less phishing and more hacking sophistication
  • Higher cybersecurity budgets among businesses
  • More data legislation issued by the general data protection regulation (GDPR)
  • Greater cloud technology threats
  • A drought of talent in the security management space
  • Improvements in security awareness training
  • An emphasis on risk assessments

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