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How Does Clio Help With Legal Practice?

Here are few features of Clio explain by IT experts how does Clio help with legal practice

For those of you who have no idea what Clio is and how it works, simply put Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management solution that is ideal for both small and large firms. Clio enables you and your law firm to track important deadlines, manage important client cases and related documents, deal with client bills, and accept payments from your clients. Clio is the one fit all solution for all types of law firms.

Clio in Different Areas of Legal Practice

  • As stated above Clio is the ideal tool for all types of law firms. It does not matter which area of the law your firm specializes in, Clio will make your work easier and more manageable. With that being said, here we will discuss different areas of legal practice and how Clio can help you in each one;

Civil Litigation

  •  As a civil litigator, your primary objective is to work hard and fight for your clients. You spend hours of your day managing their cases, procedures, court dates, and reacting and responding to your opposing counsel’s maneuvers. Clio can greatly help you in staying on top of important deadlines, keeping valuable documents organized and readily available in case of an emergency, and providing you with a platform through which you can get paid as soon as the case is wrapped up.

In addition to this, Clio can also help you in;

Organizing your Schedule

  • Clio can help you in properly organizing and maintaining your calendar for each litigation case by setting custom reminders. Most importantly you can link your Clio calendar with your Google and Office 365 calendar to make sure that you never miss anything important.

Preparing you to meet court deadlines

  • Clio allows you to create automatic events for all your civil litigation cases in terms of rules and deadlines from all the top courts in your particular location. In addition to this, it also keeps track of other important things like your case milestones, filing deadlines, and court dates.

Creating Documents Effortlessly

  • With the help of Clio’s document management system, you can easily create and manage all your important documents like representation certificates, court forms, information sheets.

Criminal Law

  • As a criminal defense lawyer, you have the added pressure and responsibility of helping your clients through some of the worst points in their lives. So, it is essential that you use legal software that can help you in keeping track of your important files, administrative tasks, and court dates so that you can utilize your time and energy into providing them with the best legal representation possible. Clio can also help you in;

Tailoring your intake forms to multiple criminal cases

  • Creating your own custom online intake forms for situations like property crimes, DUIs, and other types of criminal cases and organizing important information regarding all of these cases properly.

Organizing criminal case details

  • Clio can help you in creating custom fields according to specific laws in order to maintain and keep track of vital information like courts, changes, or the client’s criminal history. You can also organize your fields according to the variety of matters that your clients are dealing with, for instance, DUI cases in terms of vehicles.

Automating document preparation

  • You can use Clio to pull information from various custom fields automatically and use pre-defined templates to create new documents quickly and effortlessly.

Estate Planning

  • As an estate attorney, your client’s entire life savings and legacies are in your hand. It does not matter if you are helping out some newly married couple with their will or helping someone who is at the end of their life to create a will, Clio’s law software will make sure that you are creating the best possible estate plans for your clients every single time by allowing you to;

does clio help with legal practicesStandardize the Information Collection Process

  • Create custom fields through the use of Clio Manage to keep all your client’s critical information close by in case of an emergency.

Keeping all the Estate Planning Documents Organized

  • You can manage all your trusts, wills, and all other important client documents at a central place and access them from anywhere and at any time with the help of Clio.

Tracking where new clients are coming from

  • If you are keeping track of how new and potential clients are finding you and who is referring estate planning clients to you then you can create a perfect strategy to expand and grow your business.

In the text above, we have discussed the various ways in which Clio can help your law firm irrespective of the area of the law that you practice. If you have any more queries about Clio or if you are looking to purchase the Clio software, you can read about it here at Outsource My IT.