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10 Email Security Risks That All Businesses Need to Be Vigilant About (Part 2)

Discover the email security risks that small businesses in New Jersey should be aware of

The growing pace of email security issues has put both small and large businesses at risk. The weakest link in the chain is email, Cybercriminals exploit this to bring down the reputation of businesses. Developing multi-layered e-mail security can help organizations combat these increasing risks. Learn here about different types of email security threats to your business.

Malicious Files

  • Cyber attackers send a virus to the victim’s computer using malicious files or software. The virus usually contains a code that when launched harms the targeted computer and wipes out data or the entire network. For instance, one may receive an email with a malicious file that when opened would take over the entire system and network.

These attached files must be run through anti-virus or behavioral analysis programs to prevent any data losses and to guarantee efficient solutions against these malware attacks.

Types Of Malware Attacks

  • More than 700 million malware programs have been registered so far. These malware programs include Trojans, viruses, spyware, worms, and botnets. Spam attacks are malware attacks that commonly occur via emails. Multiple users on the network can receive multiple emails with the virus.

Preventive Measures

  • Educating employees on verifying emails from unknown sources should be the first line of defense against email security threats. In addition, it is essential to acquire anti-virus software to further protect the email services.

Configuration Issues

  • A misconfigured email security server can allow unauthorized emails to be sent to you which can have serious repercussions. Due to a misconfigured email service, cybercriminals can easily connect to your email service without authentication.

Once they have access to the email service, they can send malicious emails to the employees and customers, whenever they want.

Preventive Measures

  • This can lead to a crisis that would be enough to destroy the reputation of your organization especially if the attackers manage to imitate senior employees. These mishaps can be prevented.

Make sure the email server and email security service are properly configured. Businesses can also minimize the risk of server breaches by using a trusted email security service.

File Format Errors

  • Another big source of security threats for an increasing number of companies is file format vulnerabilities. By using these vulnerabilities, attackers create malicious files that impact multiple files and cause application problems.

For instance, a single PDF file can infect several operating systems via a vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat file format.

Ransomware Attacks

  • email security risksAttackers can use malicious malware to take over your entire system with the help of ransomware attacks. Furthermore, through a ransomware attack, cybercriminals can block the users from accessing their data until the demanded ransom is paid.

Emails are one of the ways how cyber attackers launch this malware in the targeted system. Over the years, businesses have lost billions of dollars due to these attacks. Advanced email security practices should be integrated to shield businesses from these threats.

Abused Code In The Browser Kit

  • Data leakage, identity theft, and access issues in the accounts can occur due to emails with internet browser vulnerabilities. This happens when the browser kit contains an abused code that is used by cybercriminals to exploit the email security of your business. Ensure foolproof protective measures to avoid these email security threats.

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