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10 Email Security Threats That All Businesses Need to Be Vigilant About (Part 1)

Following is a list of email security threats that small businesses in New Jersey should be aware of

There isn’t a business today that can function without emails as emails are an important tool of communication. Businesses are at risk of email impersonation, phishing, ransomware, and data breaches without the presence of extensive email security services. We have compiled a list of email security threats in order to help businesses protect themselves.

Email Spoofing

  • Email spoofing is one of the common tactics used by cybercriminals. Cybercriminals send an email to a user while deceiving the recipient into thinking the email is sent by someone they know. This can be done by obtaining vital information by spoofing the email of an employee in your organization.

Cybercriminals may even ask for money from one of your employees. This type of email threat is easy to accomplish and challenging to trace. Due diligence is the best strategy to prevent cybercriminals from achieving their goal. In addition, business organizations must employ software to improve their email security.


  • Phishing is another technique used by cybercriminals for obtaining personal data such as bank account details or social security numbers from users. The attackers pretend to be a trusted entity and mislead the victims into opening an email. To seem more genuine the cybercriminals sometimes add pictures and trademarks with emails.

They even use official emblems such as logos of the company they are pretending to be. Victims will find connections that appear natural but lead to fake websites. Usually, lower-level employees and vulnerable accounts are targeted.

Preventing Phishing Attacks

  • Spoofing and phishing are two of the most common techniques used by cybercriminals to breach an organization’s email security. The employees must be trained against these attacks. Moreover, well-informed and accessible anti-phishing solutions should be employed to prevent unwanted attacks.

The employees should always verify the sender’s email before giving any information. Without the express permission of the IT team, never submit logins in response to confirmation emails.

Vulnerabilities In E-mail Security

Cybercriminals exploit e-mail service vulnerabilities to:

  • Penetrate the target system
  • Obtain and expose information
  • Render the system inaccessible

Businesses need to seal any loopholes in email security to prevent email security threats.

Domain Squatting

  • The act of registering or using someone else’s domain name to gain profit from their trademark is known as domain squatting. Business companies along with their customers can become targets for domain squatting and targeted spear-phishing, as a consequence. These types of security threats not only harm businesses but also their customers.

Among other actions, organizations should make efforts to register their domain as a trademark. Purchasing domain ownership is another way to reduce the risk of domain squatting and other related security attacks.

Client-Side Attacks

  • With the advancement in technology, the mediums of attacks against internet users are growing day by day. Even a single file containing a malicious link is enough to gain unauthorized access to your organization’s sensitive information.

email security threatsCybercriminals make use of client-side attacks to:

  • Interrupt user sessions
  • Carry out phishing attacks
  • Lodge malicious content into emails

Measures To Prevent Client-side Attacks

  • It is crucial to upgrade the safety and security of the components of the e-mail service.
  • Introduction of anti-phishing measures including training of the team members.
  • Simulation of e-mail threats should be implemented.

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