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What are Some Best Practices for Ensuring Business Email Security?

Why is business email security so important? Let’s see what IT experts have to say

Most businesses carry out their internal communications through email. Businesses regularly depend on the convenience and reliance of email. However, it is common to face viruses, data breaches, and malware that endanger crucial information safety. An email security breach means you face reputational, functional, and financial loss. 

According to a Google survey, 18 million phishing emails were sent only within one week of April, related to COVID-19. These emails seemed very professional and curated so that it looked like they were sent from government agencies. This resulted in elevated levels of fear and panic during the pandemic. 

It is crucial for businesses to implement some of the best practices to ensure protection against any potential malicious threats. It is essential to prevent any hostile activities and learn how to protect your business’ confidential and intellectual property before anything goes wrong. 

Let us take a look at some of the best practices that can be deployed by businesses for ensuring email security.

Educate your Employees 

  • Every business needs to have a comprehensive email policy that is accessible to each member of the company. Your employees should be instructed to read the policies in-depth and implement them. Ensure that all of your departments, including the HR, legal, IT, and others, are aware of the guidelines and carry them efficiently. 

Once your employees are educated about preventing viruses and malfunction from happening, it would be at a lower risk of any breaches. 

Conduct Risk Management assessment 

  • A risk management assessment is when professionals test your IT systems or, in this case, your Email for any potential threats of an attack. They help identify any weaknesses that an organization might have. Once identified, you are recommended a protocol to ensure the foolproof implementation of email security. 

Let your employees know that this matter is to be taken seriously. Everyone should implement the system of rules provided. Underestimating the power of security attacks can lead an organization to its destruction.  

Back up important information. 

  • Have multiple copies of your vital information saved at various locations. Keep your backups in a place with several barriers to be able to reach it. In case of a security breach, move your information quickly to different areas before the hackers can get a hold of the original backup. 

While this is not precisely prevention, nevertheless it reduces the chance of a much more significant loss. 

Smart Passwords

  • Firstly, advise all your employees to create a double verification login on their emails. ALong with that, do not set passwords that are easily guess-able. Some easy to decode passwords can be your spouse’s name, your social security number, date of birth, pet’s name, etc.

Having encrypted passwords will create a strong enough barrier, as most email services inform users that someone is trying to get into your system, giving you ample time to take any action. 

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Get in Touch With an Expert. 

If you are looking for cybersecurity solutions for small businesses in New Jersey, then Outsource My IT provides extensive services to make the network security of your organization more fool-proof. Experts, as such, know their game and are aware of how hackers think. They would look at any possible risk of a security breach. 

Sometimes people believe that an attack usually comes from an unknown source — making it more detectable — which is untrue. Take an example of this case, where a business lost $190,000 by receiving an email from their supplier. Similarly, the experts will look around all aspects, take the measures and let you know what you need to do.