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10 Interesting Facts About Cloud Computing (Part 2)

Read below facts about cloud computing to scale up your small businesses in New Jersey

Everyone from small-scale businesses to tech industries is using cloud computing. Cloud computing has practically found its way into every industry in the market. Regardless of how widespread it seems, not too many people know about the intricate details of this cutting-edge technology. This is part two of 10 interesting facts about cloud computing.

The Trend Of Remote Work Is Increasing

  • The surge in COVID-19 has forced many industries to adopt work from the home approach. However, the progression of cloud computing technology has made working from home an effortless job. The number of people that enjoy working from home is beyond expectations. It is estimated that about 60% American population prefer working from home.

Businesses will find a new normal where working from any location would be possible, once the pandemic is over. It has been observed that even when the necessity of working from home is lifted, many industries still keep it going. Because it adds to productivity by keeping the employees happy.

It Has Eliminated The Need Of Upgrades

  • There are no concerns regarding the devices that the companies use for cloud-based solutions. Upgrading old IT infrastructure and hardware for more software upgrades is not compulsory. Cloud computing firms supervise this aspect for their clients. This helps clients focus more on the working and productivity of their industry. The process is automatic and happens in real-time so that businesses are always up to date.

Moreover, payments for goods have been made a breeze through crowdfunding and PayPal services. This emerging trend of cloud computing for banking is predicted to continue because of the growing popularity of virtual currencies such as bitcoin.

Offers Advanced Vulnerability Scans

  • The cloud connects everybody, which means a cybercriminal hacking one person can have access to the entire system. Cybercriminals use various tactics to obtain important information from the most vulnerable spots in your organization. The pop-up of cloud security companies has encouraged the leading IT firms to focus on cybersecurity.

To prevent cybercrimes good cybersecurity companies offer a vulnerability scan. This way these companies are helping you identify loopholes in your security. The risk of cyberattacks can be eliminated by patching the security holes.

Cloud And RPA Will Change The Concept Of Business

  • facts about cloud computingThe cloud and RPA can work together to change the concept of businesses. RPA or Robotic Process Automation is the process that makes use of software to teach robots to emulate human actions. Robotic software is built, deployed, and managed to carry out certain menial tasks that allow employees to focus on the intricate parts of their job.

This technology is more effective when used in collaboration with the cloud. Since processes automatically store and review information received by the clients. Software robots can work quickly and constantly as compared to humans. In doing so they increase the productivity of the business and bring more revenue.

The Cloud is Taking Businesses To Higher Level

  • With the development of cloud technology, many businesses are adopting and benefiting from the cloud. About 80% of organizations have observed improvements in their IT departments by adopting cloud services. Operating IT departments has become painless with options such as restful API and telecommunication integration.

According to statistics cloud adoption among businesses was 94% in 2019. This is inarguably due to the ease of use provided by the cloud. Moreover, the growth of cloud infrastructure services is over 40%.

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