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The Primary Differences Between IT Security and Cybersecurity

There are plenty of commonalities between IT and cybersecurity services, but these solutions serve completely different purposes.

How do you keep your most sensitive information safe? In today’s information-driven age, countless threats lurk around the virtual landscape. Hackers are always on the prowl, searching for holes in your network. And when a vulnerability is identified, don’t expect them to hold back. But it’s not just data breaches that you should be worried about. Think about a natural disaster such as a fire, flood, or tornado. How are you going to protect your operating system when catastrophe strikes?

To get the best results from your IT system, you’ll need to establish an effective defense strategy that’s equipped with two very important elements—IT security and cybersecurity. What many people don’t realize is that these are two completely different solutions and this blog will point out the main distinctions.

IT security and cybersecurity are designed to protect certain branches of your computer system, but each solution serves a distinct purpose. To fully understand the differences between these two service offerings, we’ll need to break down what they do.

What is Information Security?

IT security is much more than just another data security procedure. The focus of IT security is to keep valuable information secure, confidential, available and whole. This security measure keeps data and intellectual property safe from virtual and physical dangers. While cybersecurity safeguards all electronic data, information security gives your hardware an extra layer of support.

Whether you have a business plan stored on a virtual server or credit card information locked in a file cabinet, your information security system will provide cushioning for every piece of data you own. This security program is equipped with scalable storage capacity, meaning you’ll have plenty of space for your most important assets.

What Is Cybersecurity?

To put it simply, cybersecurity is the practice of protecting sensitive data from dangers found on the internet. This security measure protects networks, servers, intranets, and computer systems from external threats. Additionally, your cybersecurity program acts as a data backup solution. Cybersecurity ensures all confidential electronic data cannot be downloaded or shared with unauthorized third-parties. It limits the amount of control third-party users have, which prevents cyber threats from being carried into your network.

The Distinctions

Many people still consider these solutions as one and the same, but they have completely different capabilities. They both protect your intellectual property and streamline the effects of data backup and disaster recovery when threats strike, but that’s where the similarities end.

Cybersecurity is the science of protecting any amount of data from issues that stem from cyberspace. IT security is a process that helps prevent disruptions and misuse of your IT equipment itself. And while cybersecurity focuses on the safety of your digital assets, IT security protects both physical and electronic forms of data. And while cybersecurity prevents any issues that stem from cyberspace, an IT security plan takes things one step further and adds more cushion to every channel of your infrastructure.

Though each security system provides its own unique value, it’s crucial to have each strategy in place. They work hand-in-hand to help keep your infrastructure in peak form, protect against data loss, and trigger backup and recovery initiatives when threatening issues emerge. When IT and cybersecurity are incorporated into your business strategy, you’ll be able to operate at a safer, more efficient level, helping you focus on the most important thing—building your empire.

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