Business Phones

Are you tired of overspending for basic business telephone functionality? VoIP offers a better way.

State-Of-The-Art Telephone Solutions For Your Business

Basic phone functionality and average call quality could be costing your business a fortune, especially if you make frequent long-distance and international calls. Traditional phone systems don’t provide the same benefits of voice over internet protocol (VoIP). A VoIP phone system uses VoIP technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over a network.

VoIP phone systems are internet based and work together with both desk phones and smartphones to deliver seamless transitions from the office to the car and even to the home. With VoIP, you can truly cut the cord that ties you to your office desk and work from anywhere that life takes you.

Benefits of VoIP phone systems include:

  • Easy to configure, install, and maintain
  • Can be scaled up or down as needed
  • Minimal upfront costs
  • Ability to call from anywhere
  • A range of call features
  • Cost savings for your business

Get more for your money with a VoIP system. VoIP offers cost-effective communication, a more stable connection, and the ultimate in mobile productivity.

Our VoIP Offerings Help You Optimize Communication

For our business phone services, we partner with Jive by LogMeIn, a provider of cloud-based virtual phone services. Their VoIP solution offers the highest call quality on the market and can save your business money by replacing an outdated, in-house system. Jive offers both small business phone solutions and systems for larger corporations. No matter the line of work or the size of your company, Jive’s VoIP solutions simplify how you manage your phone and conferencing setup.

Jive Voice offers more than 80 hosted VoIP features, including local numbers, unlimited minutes/usage, caller ID, unlimited calling, and more to help your organization communicate more efficiently. From unlimited voicemail boxes and auto attendants to local and long-distance calling, Jive offers the best phone solution for small businesses and large corporations alike. Jive Voice is delivered through three applications: web, mobile, and desktop, and Jive’s apps allow you to communicate via voice, video, or chat using your web browser across different devices.

Cost Savings Of Up To 50%

Reduce your operating costs with a VoIP phone system. Calls with VoIP are much less expensive than with landlines.

Upgrade Your Business Telephone Solutions To VoIP

For large and small business phone and internet solutions, Jive by LogMeIn is the best option on the market today. Take your local business phone number with you wherever you go, enjoy advanced service features, and scale up or down based on business needs. These are just a few of the great benefits of a VoIP service for your business. The team at Outsource My IT is knowledgeable about the Jive Voice product and can show you why it would be a good investment for your business.

For a seamless transition to VoIP and top-quality customer service, Outsource My IT is the service provider to partner with. Are you ready to begin exploring all of the features and advantages of a VoIP business phone system? If you have any questions or you are ready to get started, contact our team today.