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How to Distinguish Between IT Support and Technology Consulting

You’ll need an effective IT strategy to help your business maintain a competitive edge, but to do this, you’ll have to decide between managed IT support or technology consulting.

We live in an information age where technology is the driving force in our everyday lives. This is especially true in the business world. Business owners need reliable infrastructure to keep their operations running smoothly. Whether you own a small startup or a corporate enterprise, a user-friendly IT system is a must.

When it comes to information technology, it’s best to have a solid support system in your corner. If you don’t have enough room in your budget to hire an in-house IT staff, you may need to partner with a professional IT provider for managed services or technology consulting. But which solution is the best fit? This blog will help answer that question.

It’s easy confuse IT management services and IT consulting. Many people think the two solutions are the same thing, but they aren’t. However,both solutions can be used to enhance your overall business strategy. But before you sign the dotted line on a service agreement, let’s break down the main differences between managed IT support and technology consulting:

Simply put, IT consultants are responsible for helping customers build and execute an effective IT strategy. Think of a consultant as a business partner. They aren’t necessarily the ones managing the infrastructure. Instead, they act as advisors who help customers make the right purchasing decisions. These problem solvers step in to identify the source of issues related to your IT system and help provide solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.

IT consultants can be hired for a variety of reasons. They have well-rounded expertise in everything from cloud computing to cybersecurity and beyond. Whether you are preparing for a new project or want to make over your entire infrastructure, your IT consultant will be there to help pave the path toward success. At times, consultants will step in to serve as your own personal virtual CIO (vCIO), when short-term IT initiatives need more monitoring and management.

There are two main forms of consulting services. One is basic IT consulting, in which an experienced professional provides advice for best practices. The second form is software consulting. Software consultants counsel on how applications should be implemented to support your business model. They’ll provide you with the technical advice needed for you to configure the right applications.

If you don’t want to give up total control of your IT system, but want to get the best results from your technology, an IT consultant is the right partner to have by your side.

While IT consultants are responsible for helping you make the right decisions, a managed service provider (MSP) can help you manage those decisions on a more granular level. To put it best, MSPs are the ones controlling the infrastructure. They monitor your network and activate defensive strategies if threats begin to emerge.

Managed service professionals work to ensure the day-to-day functions of your technology are operating smoothly. While they have the capacity to work as consultants, an MSP will be your ultimate support system. They’ll take care of everything from installations to preventative maintenance, vendor management and beyond.

Managed IT service providers are your best option when you need more day-to-day support. They provide remote support and can even be called onsite to take care of hardware issues. With a trusted MSP by your side, you’ll be able to take managing your IT system off your plate, so you can focus on the most important priority—customer service.

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