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5 Reasons Why Managed IT Services For Law Firms Is A Must Have

Read below the list of reasons why managed IT services for law firms are obligatory in the modern era

Managed IT services are the need of an hour for law firms as they help them find unerring systems to foster productivity and improve security. Many law firms are choosing managed IT services over an internal team since they offer a more cost-effective solution. Continue reading to find out how managed IT services can help your law firms.

Provide Access To The Finest Security Measures

  • Cybersecurity has become an overriding concern for businesses over the past few years. The threats related to cybersecurity have driven law firms to look for ways to enhance their cyber security and resilience. Over the past years, top law firms have experienced a 73% rise in cyber attacks.

As law firms carry large volumes of personal, sensitive, and confidential data about their firms, employees, and clients, they make a good target for cybercriminals. However, law firms can get access to the best security measures and cybersecurity technologies by opting for managed IT services.

Use Of Latest Technologies

  • MSPs work using Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) technology. These security technologies and practices are often restricted to enterprise organizations. The top-notch technologies constantly and automatically monitor the security of your law firm’s sensitive digital data.

Help Law Firms Maintain Compliance

  • As law firms hold and deal with bulk volumes of confidential client information, the compliance protocols required for these firms can be quite complicated. Law firms are obliged to stay compliant with government processes and regulations for data security. Legal professionals that manage credit cards are required to comply with PCI-DSS security standards.

The attorneys that handle clients’ medical records are subdued to rigorous HIPAA regulations. When you hire managed IT services, they help your law firm in attaining compliance with the dynamic government regulations. With reputable MSPs, all hardware and software are kept up-to-date and in compliance with the continuously changing regulations.

Pain-free Accessibility

  • Most legal professionals carry out a major part of their work outside of their office premises. For this reason, they need easy and secure access to sensitive data and documents regardless of the time and space. Important paperwork and documents are regularly added to the existing files. It is therefore crucial that the attorneys and their staff can get this information on the move.

MSPs store all of the firms’ critical data in a secure environment that gives professionals faster and easier access to the data from anywhere. With MSPs, law firms can gain efficiency and collaboration even if the devices get stolen.

Enhance Productivity

  • managed it services for law firmsIt has been reported by small businesses with annual revenue of 50 million that it cost them 8600 US dollars with just one hour of downtime. In any organization, server breakdown, slow connection, and other related issues are inevitable. These mishaps are known for seriously affecting the working team’s productivity thereby leading to an overall decline in business growth.

By adopting redundancies, security measures, and disaster plans, managing IT services help law firms in mitigating their server and network downtime. These practices are also useful for preventing threats that impact the organization’s productivity.

Reduction In The Operational Costs

  • For keeping a close eye on the budgets, smaller and larger firms have to employ in-house IT support. This can cost them over $100,000 annually. Moreover, the support staff cannot be available at all times and may lack the depth of knowledge that is required for operating different technologies.

By adopting managed IT services, the law firms get round-the-clock access to certified IT experts at just a fraction of the cost of employing internal IT staff.

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