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Top 5 Cyber Security Practices To Prevent Cyber Attacks

Read on to find out what the best security procedure to prevent cyber attacks in small business

The number of cyber security attacks has increased from 928 in 2019 to 1613 in 2021. From government organizations, and educational, and healthcare institutions to banks, law firms, and nonprofit organizations, anyone can fall victim to cybercrime. This article summarizes the key takeaways of the best cyber security practices to adopt in 2022.

Reduce Employee Negligence

  • As reported by Ponemon Cost of Insider Threats Global Report, about 62% of the total cases of data breaches took place because of employee negligence, in 2021. It is therefore important to construct effective strategies for improving communication and raising awareness among employees.

Educating employees on potential cybersecurity threats is an important strategy that can help decrease the rate of cyberattacks.

Steps To Reduce Employee Negligence

  • By keeping in mind the cyber security threats faced by your organization and the way they affect the bottom line, raise employee awareness accordingly.
  • Educate your employees about the significance of each security measure.
  • Explain to them how installing trusted applications and protecting endpoints against malware can go a long way in preventing cyber attacks.
  • Take employee feedback about the current security measures of the organization.
  • Build effective policies to combine robust security with effective workflow.

Limit Access To Sensitive Data

  • Keep tabs on the number of employees that have access to the most critical data of the organization. Consider how they can access the data. Review your access management practices from time to time to reduce the risk of cyber attacks by staying on top of things.

Access From Remote Devices

  • Access to confidential data from any location or device is critical. One way to limit unauthorized access is by implementing Bring Your Device (BYOD) policy. An organization’s security improves a great deal when remote workers use their own devices.

Out of 271 organizations surveyed in 2021, 82% have adopted the BYOD approach. For improving business security, it is, therefore, crucial to ensure access management for the users.

Monitor System Activity

  • The security of the organization can be improved to a great extent by closely monitoring all activity related to critical resources. Back up your corporate data regularly and generate timely notifications and reports.

In this way, an organization can lower the risk of data being stolen, compromised, or misused. Most organizations monitor privileged accounts more closely than other accounts to minimize privilege misuse.

Form A Written Cybersecurity Policy

prevent cyber attacksHere is why a hierarchical cybersecurity policy is important:

  • It serves as a formal guide to the security measures being used in your organization.
  • A written policy brings security specialists and workers on the same page. This allows effective enforcement of rules that help protect the organization’s data.
  • A centralized security policy is beneficial as a basic guideline for the whole organization.
  • It allows you to consider the needs of each department thereby ensuring the workflow is not compromised.

Manage IoT Security

Consider implementing the following IoT network security practices to protect your corporate network:

  • To understand the real risks for your devices, perform penetration testing and plan the security strategies of your organization accordingly.
  • For data that is at rest and in transit, it is important to perform end-to-end encryption.
  • Allow only reliable connections to the endpoint by ensuring proper authentication.
  • Avoid using default and hardcoded credentials.
  • Commonly used passwords are easy to crack so set strong passwords and change them at least once a year.
  • Enable the firewall by purchasing a secure and up-to-date router.
  • Support all IoT deployments by developing a scalable security framework.

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