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5 Remarkable Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting

5 outstanding benefits of private cloud hosting for small businesses

In recent years, a lot of businesses are shifting towards cloud hosting. This is due to the amazing benefits, accessibility, and security offered by the cloud. Cloud hosting is available as public and private.

While public cloud hosting may be cheaper, it is not always the best choice. In public cloud hosting, a lot of different businesses share the same cloud space. Data breaches, though sometimes accidental, are a lot common. Public cloud hosting is a fixed set of features and services, which are often not customizable.

Private cloud hosting on the other hand provides enhanced security and safety. This is because a private cloud hosting server is your own. In addition, you also have the option to manage and customize it according to your business needs. We have compiled 5 remarkable benefits of using private cloud hosting. Read more about them below.

It Keeps Your Data Secure & Private

  • A private cloud coupled with a firewall, anti-virus, and physical security helps keep your data secure. Your business’s data will be protected against data theft, data breaches, and data loss.

A private cloud hosting ensures that you won’t be sharing cloud space with other businesses, and thus your data will be private.

It Helps Keep Costs Down

  • Operating and owning your own private cloud hosting helps you minimize your IT infrastructure costs. Virtualization technology allows you to manage multiple servers based on your requirements. If the size of your business increases, or if the workload increases, then you can increase the number of servers as well.

These amazing features of a private cloud hosting service can help you to effectively keep your costs low.

It Is Highly Customizable

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  • Customizability is a key feature that is driving businesses towards the world of private cloud hosting. Depending on your business needs, you can set up and remove additional features and services. You can even vary the storage space, bandwidth limits, throughput allowances, number of registered users, access limitations, ideal backup times, and automatic security triggers.

Since it is your very own private cloud hosting server, you can make as many changes as you need to. These changes will help you take maximum benefit from the services and features that your business needs. At the same time, you can disable all such services that aren’t useful for you and save up on costs.

It Is Reliable

  • A private cloud hosting server automatically backs up data to the cloud. The data is secured by a number of security measures.  It can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Your data will be reliably stored and handled by this system, even if there is a widespread power blackout or a natural disaster.

It Improves Resource Utilization

  • Private cloud hosting provides self-service and maintenance options. These options enable you to divert resources to those business divisions that are experiencing a surge in workload. You can also turn off or switch your servers to a power-saving mode when the workload is at a minimum. This will help you minimize your electricity consumption and at the same time save you money.

Resource utilization can enable your business to work efficiently and deliver performance in real-time.

Before you make the decision to switch your business to private cloud hosting, it is important to make a thorough assessment of your business needs and requirements. This can help you maximize return for every dollar spent on IT. Outsource My IT is an IT consultancy and service provider based in New Jersey. Our experts can not only give you a fair assessment of your business but also help you to switch to a private cloud hosting system.