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7 Pros and Cons of Wireless Networking

IT experts explain the pros and cons of wireless networking for small businesses in New Jersey

Wireless networking is the process of connecting two or more devices or computers for transferring data. It’s called wireless networking because there is no need to attach any kind of wire to a system to achieve an internet connection. Wireless networks use radio waves to connect devices. So, using this technology we can seamlessly transfer data from one device to another without using wires or cables. Here are some pros and cons of wireless networking.


The key advantages of wireless networking are:


  • With a wireless network, employees can access important files and information from anywhere in the office. Tablets and laptops can be easily brought into meetings and reference documents can be pulled up for discussion using wireless networks. This adds a whole new layer of productivity to work.

Easier Maintenance

  • Plain and simple networks are tidy. Because there are fewer wires to manage. The workspace looks more organized. Maintenance is also easier since most wireless networking is software-based, not hardware-based.


  • With the help of a wireless network, users can access information from any convenient location within the network range using mobile, computers, and laptops. The wireless network can be used at any place at any time and during the lack of mobile data.

Wireless networks allow new services and working opportunities even in emergencies. Nowadays public places such as airports, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, and waiting lounges have Wi-Fi service available. This helps the users to connect their devices and continue working even while traveling.

Reduced Expenses

  • It’s easy to add more users with wireless networking due to its ease of installation. It also saves the cost of cables especially in hard-to-reach areas as it does not require additional cables or adaptors.

The easier access and availability of wireless networks allows users to connect and communicate without interruptions.


Although the benefits of wireless networking outweigh the disadvantages, there are a few important points that should be kept in mind.


  • pros and cons of wireless networkingBandwidths and information tend to be more vulnerable with wireless networks than with their wired counterparts. With wireless networks, it is easier for unauthorized individuals to hijack your network signals and use them as their own. Wireless networking can also be used to gain illegal access to critical information.

User Limitation

  • Only a limited number of users can be connected to the network therefore it is not convenient to use it in a large area. Power supply to the Wi-Fi is necessary for using it. If sometimes the power supply is interrupted, then the network gets switched off which stops important work. 

Wireless networks can also be affected by outside interference, including other devices. As a result, wireless connectivity speed tends to be slower than the speed of the wired network. This could reduce potential productivity.


  • Wireless networks do not work well for long distances. It may become difficult to get enough signals or signals may become weak when the area is surrounded by the wall, glass, or any other restricted material. The presence of electromagnetic waves near the Wi-Fi network causes interference in the connection of signals which weakens the Wi-Fi network.

Setting up the wireless network is quite difficult in the initial stage, compared to the single access point. Although a wireless network can be used by multiple users at the same time, adding more users requires additional expenses on cables for connectivity.

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