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How to Protect Your Computer from Cyber Attacks?

Learn methods to protect your computer from cyber attacks and keep your pc secured at all times

In today’s world of the internet, our computers are at constant threat of data theft. Even if you don’t use your laptop for confidential data storing, your info and your personal data are stored on that computer. Which, if getting in the hands of the wrong person, can result in identity theft.

Hackers, viruses, ransomware, malware, and spyware can be devastating. It is scary how easily our identity can be stolen by just a wrong click on an email.

So, you don’t fall into the tricks of these malicious hackers we brought to the best way to protect your computer from potential cyberattacks:

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Install Anti-Virus Software

  • Anti-virus program implementation is a very critical step to ensure the network is virus-protected. Anti-virus software aggressively searches for viruses that aim to get the emails, device, and/or OS. A quality software program for anti-viruses runs frequent updates that allow new viruses to remain up to date every day.

Periodic System Backup Schedule

  • Many forms (viruses and malware) of malicious agents will damage your computer’s contents. The daily backup plan is a perfect way to guarantee your data retrieval if anything happens to your computer. One alternative to archive details is to use a storage provider or to use a personal external drive.
  • It secures our data so that if something gets into your PC and wipes your PC clean, you will have a backup that has saved everything.

Upgrade Your Computer’s OS Regularly

  • Daily operating device upgrades are crucial. Companies such as Microsoft offer everyday program upgrades to patch device glitches and anomalies. If code upgrades are not permitted, hackers will exploit anomalies and vulnerabilities in your system. Made sure that you allow alerts when they come out.

Use a Firewall

  • A network firewall is a critical mechanism for your computer and restricts unwanted connections in and out of your computer.  Be sure to use the built-in operating system firewall features when setting up and/or configuring a device (Windows or Apple). The device owner/user should change the firewall configuration accordingly.

A firewall acts as a barricade between the outside internet world and your pc. It keeps your data secured in a vault so no one can reach it without access to your PC.

Use an External Firewall

  • An external firewall provides way more protection than a standard firewall. If a firewall is like a wall protecting your data, an external firewall is a gigantic castle, full of an army ready to protect your data.
  • A Firewall with External VPN allows you to encrypt all communication from the office, the home network, or Wi-Fi in the coffee shop. It stops brute-force attacks from Remote Desktop Protocol (which we believe to be the most common cause of ransomware attacks), logs and eliminates intrusion attempts, and can help ensure workers can’t access possible malicious websites during login.

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Set-Up Two Factor Authentication

  • Two-step authentication is a security action that makes getting to the online accounts for hackers more difficult. Many sites use the method, with common instances of Gmail, Facebook and Apple accounts.
  • You would not necessarily have to customize it, but if it’s a choice, you do. Normally, a specific code is sent to a confident computer of your choice while signing into a double-step authentication program, which provides an additional security layer.
  • You will need the Authenticator program if you want to protect your two-step Gmail box. A special one-time code appears on your phone for 60 seconds every time you try to enter. After time runs out, the code expires, and a new one is generated.


  • These cybersecurity bases scratch the surface to secure your data network. Take the time to think about information protection and discover different strategies and approaches to defend the PC from continuously evolving cyberattacks.

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