Reasons Why Businesses Should Backup Their Data
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5 Popular Reasons Why Businesses Should Backup Their Data

‘Businesses should backup their data regularly or risk being a target of breach’

Modern businesses rely strongly on data for their day-to-day operations. Data help a business make critical and strategically aligned decisions. These decisions help improve profitability. Data can be of various types; business data, market research information, customer profiles, industry, and competitor reports. A data loss can seriously affect the business operations and can even trigger a complete shutdown. This downtime inevitably results in losses.

Luckily, this can be avoided by backing up your data regularly. Most businesses see data backups as an unnecessary cost and avoid a data backup policy. We have compiled the top 5 reasons to explain why it is important for a business to back up their data. 

Loss Due to Natural Disasters

  • It doesn’t matter if you own a garage startup or a large corporate business, you will always be prone to damages caused by natural disasters. These disasters manifest themselves in the form of heatwaves, flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes. 

Natural disasters have a cascading effect. They damage your infrastructure. They also cause irreversible damage to your data and technology. If you lose crucial data, your business suffers. 

  • These disasters may damage your business physically as well. A flash flood will affect the power utility. In case of a power surge, all your equipment could get fried. 

Technology Failures

  • Technology isn’t perfect and can fail anytime. The majority of the computers run on disc-based hard drives. They have moving & rotating parts inside that can wear from use. Eventually, they are at risk of failing completely. The untimely death of any component of your system can result in data loss for your business. 

Data recovery from a failed hard disk is next to impossible. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a backup. 

Employee Errors

  • To err is human! Your employees are human, and they can make mistakes. They can mistakenly delete an important database or an important folder. Without a data backup, there is practically no way for you to recover your lost information. 

data breach - why businesses should backup their data

Data Breach and Security

  • In 2019, it was reported that as much as 80% of businesses suffered a data breach and lost critical data. Around 90% reported that they identified security risks and viruses in their computer systems. If you haven’t backed up your important data, you risk losing it permanently.

These days, most hackers would hold your data ransom and would release it only if you pay a huge sum of money. To protect your business from unnecessary risks and losses, a data backup is highly recommended. 

Global Accessibility

  • Modern backup systems offer cloud-based backup solutions. Their biggest advantage is global accessibility. You can securely log-in from anywhere and access important files and data. 

To conclude, your data is continuously at risk of being lost forever. Therefore, it is important to back up your data in order to protect your businesses from losses. These days, businesses have the option of using a local backup as well as a cloud backup

  • The difference in these two is that in case of local backup data is present in an externally attached physical disk. Whereas, for cloud backup data is backed up at a server located elsewhere and is always available online

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