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How Does Server Virtualization Benefit Your Business?

What are server virtualization benefits, and how can it save time and money for your business

Server virtualization is the foundation of cloud computing. It gained traction in the early 2000s. Server virtualization was created to reduce costs and drive higher business capacity utilization. This article overviews server virtualization and explains how businesses can benefit from it.

An Overview Of Server Virtualization

  • Server virtualization reconfigures a single server into diverse remote servers by dividing existing servers into multiple isolated servers. This is done by utilizing virtualization hardware or software, eliminating the need for a new server. The software creates an abstraction layer over the physical hardware in server virtualization.

This creates a virtual computing system which is known as a virtual machine. In addition, it allows multiple operating systems to be run simultaneously on isolated servers. This means multiple tasks can be performed at one time.

Benefits Of Server Virtualization For Businesses

  • Server virtualization reduces the number of physical servers needed for each application. Thus, improving the efficiency of businesses and reducing costs and waste of resources.

These benefits are discussed below in detail:

Cuts Down IT Expenses

  • Server virtualization effectively utilizes existing resources to cut down the cost of physical servers. As a result, the expenses for housing and maintenance of the physical servers are also minimized. In addition, the energy needed to run each server and the cost required for managing these servers is significantly reduced.

Considerable energy is required to power on and cool each server. But server virtualization reduces energy needs by reducing the total number of servers. Thus, server virtualization serves as an energy-efficient solution for businesses. Moreover, consolidating applications into virtualized servers also helps you save costs.

Reduces Downtime In Disaster Recovery Situations

  • When a disaster strikes, physical servers are affected. It can take hours to fix and replace the servers, costing hours and days of business continuity. However, with server virtualization, it is easier to clone the machine affected by the disaster. This means data is recovered in minutes.

In addition, server virtualization allows quick data transfer from one server to another. This gives businesses the advantage of implementing a vigorous disaster recovery plan. It allows businesses to create a replication site without complications and enhances the environment’s resiliency.

Addresses The Productivity Issues

  • With fewer servers, IT teams can efficiently manage and maintain the physical hardware and infrastructure without spending much time. Instead of the tedious process of applying server-by-server updates, server virtualization allows you to install and update the applications across all the virtual machines on the server.

Therefore, less time is utilized to maintain the environment, and the efficiency and productivity of the team are enhanced. This way, server virtualization helps increase business productivity by allowing business to continue without disruptions.

Prevents Server Sprawls

  • When new servers are joined to run new tasks, the older servers remain underutilized. This gives rise to server sprawl. Server virtualization handles this issue by merging physical resources. Thus, less hardware is required. This allows businesses to save considerably not only on maintenance and management but also on the power and cooling of servers.

Offers Greater Flexibility And Scalability

  • server virtualization benefitThe server-virtualized infrastructure allows more expandability and flexibility compared to a traditional environment. Virtualized servers are migrated or cloned from one hardware to another to make hardware performances and upgrades painless. In addition, it offers better control and management of storage resources.

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