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What Is Server Virtualization And How Does It Serve Businesses?

Learn here how server virtualization has several key advantages for small businesses

Server virtualization allows a physical server to be divided into several separate virtual servers, often working independently of each other. Server virtualization is a technology that lets businesses operate several servers at once, without having to manage and maintain physical servers. If one server faces an outage, then the rest of them can pick up the load and keep the work flowing. Server virtualization has several key advantages for businesses, which are mentioned below.

Cost Efficiency

  • Physical servers are costly to operate and maintain. Businesses that host physical servers have to bear the cost of IT infrastructure, and upgrades when they are required. They also have to allocate a space dedicated to servers and keep physical security measures in place to prevent anyone from tampering with them. They also need to invest in their usual IT infrastructure to make it compatible with the physical servers. If these servers need maintenance, patch, and updates, or even a routine fix an IT specialist company has to be hired to do the job. All of this contributes as a cost for the business.

All these costs can be eliminated and minimized by simply switching to a server virtualization strategy. A virtual server can be controlled remotely. If there are multiple servers, then each of them can work independently using their own OS. Virtual servers are easy to upgrade, maintain, and this work can be handled by the business’s own IT team.

Efficient Resource Provisioning

  • server virtualizationA business that operates physical servers often finds it difficult to provision resources depending on the available demand of work. If there is less work, physical servers will take some time to enter their low power mode. If one server is suffering from an outage, then it requires an IT specialist to configure the remaining servers to take up the extra workload.

All these things can be controlled easily and automatically in the case of a virtual server. A virtual server configuration not only saves you money, but it also saves your time and resources. Resource optimization is the new normal with server virtualization.

Increase In Productivity

  • Virtual servers are very responsive and complete tasks at a faster pace than physical servers. This speed is going to improve the overall business’s performance and productivity.

If a new virtual server is required to cater to the increase in workload, it can be created and connected to the system in a manner of minutes. This is something that isn’t yet possible with physical servers.

Consolidation Of IT Resources

  • Data centers often complain that they suffer from server sprawl. Server Sprawl basically means that while newly added servers are configured to handle new tasks and applications, the older ones handle less work than they are designed for or sit unused. This costs the business money.

Server virtualization helps businesses consolidate their IT and server infrastructure, keeping only what is needed online. Any extra servers can be decommissioned easily without causing a slump in productivity.

Scalability Of IT Infrastructure

  • It is quite difficult to add a new physical server in an existing environment. In addition to the space and power requirements, the new server needs to be compatible with the existing IT infrastructure. A lot of testing and trialing needs to be done before a new server can start working.

With server virtualization, the IT infrastructure can be scaled according to the business’s requirements and wishes. A virtual server combined with cloud hosting has dynamic capabilities that benefit businesses of all sizes and scales. It can be scaled and upgraded without negatively affecting business performance.

If your business wants to convert their physical servers to virtual servers, then get in touch with us today at 973-638-2722 . We, at Outsource My IT are a reputable IT security and server specialist company operating in New Jersey. Our specialists will inspect your business and give you the best advice.

Server Virtualization

You’ve probably heard about virtualization, but what is it and will it help your business? Outsource My IT is here to provide answers.

Server Virtualization Services To Improve Your Business’s Efficiency

If you are a forward-thinking business leader, you’ve likely heard industry leaders talk about moving their entire system online and wondered if virtualization would work for your company. Let’s start with the basics. What is virtualization?

Virtualization is the name that we use for taking all of your vital data, your servers, your operating systems, your applications, and even your computers and hosting them in the cloud. Virtualization involves partitioning one physical server into multiple virtual servers to maximize network efficiency and increase server utilization while minimizing infrastructure requirements.

Outsource My IT has the knowledge and expertise to take your physical server and create multiple logical servers. The real purpose of virtualization is to take a server with hardware that is not being fully utilized and give it resources (multiple servers) so that it is fully utilized—thus reducing your overhead costs.

With all of your data securely stored and easily accessible in the cloud, all you need is an internet connection to do any of the work that you would normally do. The advantages of having a virtual private server (VPS) for your business include:

  • More Mobile Productivity Platform
  • Confidence in Your Security
  • Cost Savings of Professional Management
  • Scalability Afforded by the Cloud
  • Comfort of Complete Business Continuity

Outsource My IT—Professional Virtual Server Service In New Jersey

Outsource My IT is a professional server virtualization company. When you partner with our team to virtualize your system within the cloud, you gain efficiency, and you also have the assurance that if anything happens to your computers (fire, flood, theft, power surge), the worst scenario is that you will have to buy a new computer.

With virtualization, you won’t lose:

  • Your Work Product
  • Your Essential Files
  • Your Customers’ Confidential Information
  • Your Proprietary or Customized Applications

You won’t even lose your place in that ebook that you are reading on your tablet. With virtualization, you can switch from one device to another with ease.

Exponential Growth For Your Business

Virtualization is one of the leveraged competitive advantages that enable exponential growth for your business.

Experience All Of The Benefits A Virtual Private Server Has To Offer

Are you ready to make your network more efficient with virtualization? Outsource My IT provides virtual solutions to businesses looking to move to the cloud. As a professional server virtualization company serving the tri-state area, we have experience helping businesses in a variety of industries virtualize their systems. If you are ready to experience all that virtualization has to offer, contact our team of experts today.