- Working Remotely

How To Set Up My Employees To Work From Home – Need Help?

work-from-home-coronavirusWell it has finally happened! Most companies in our state of New Jersey are working remotely whether they like it or not!

Most of our clients have been able to work remotely for a long time, but we have been getting a lot of calls from local and out of state companies asking us how we can fast track them to work remotely!

The Good News?

  • We can! There are numerous ways we can help you leverage your employees to work remotely from home.
    • The main one includes utilizing Office 365
    • Others include
      • Remote desktop control set up
      • Moving your email to a cloud hosted solution

There are others, but every company is different so it is best to set up a FREE consultation call and see how Outsource MY IT can help your company! We all live in New Jersey and know how crazy this time is!

Oh.. The Bad News?

  • Well the only thing is, it’s a bit of a learning curve, ultimately this will pass very quickly as our highly trained techs teach your employees the best practices of working remotely and in the cloud.
  • At this point what other choice do we all have, right?

The other great value is that moving forward you will have the option to work remotely for future emergencies.

Please give us a call today at (973) 638-2722 and we will figure out the best scenario for your business!