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Should I Use Remote Tech Support For My Company

As remote cloud technologies become easily available, the world of business IT is changing significantly. Due to remote access possibilities, it is a lot easier for businesses to outsource network management to IT companies in the U.S and around the world. 

IT has come so far that nearly every services and support you can imagine for a business are now available remotely offered by IT outsourcing companies at increasingly competitive prices. But how do you, as a business, figure out if outsourcing your helpdesk support to an IT company is a good deal? In this post, we look at the various benefits of remote tech support as well as the cost you need to pay for the services. 

What Kinds of Remote It Support Are Available for Businesses 

  • Even if remote services are available, there are still small to medium businesses that rely on local or on-site IT support. There’s something very attractive about a local provider in your area that you can immediately call for an on-site service whenever needed. 

However, outsourcing these parts of your business to a remote provider does not actually mean that you have to outsource every bit of your IT needs. That is why it is important to understand what kinds of remote IT support are available for businesses so you can make an informed decision and outsource only the most important IT parts of your business. 

  • Here are a few kinds of remote It support that is commonly used by businesses of today. 

Remote Desktop Management | Helpdesk Services 

  • Remote helpdesk services and remote desktop management offers you a reliable and secure way to get support, ensuring that your team and business operations are never halted due to various technical problems that arise in the modern IT-run businesses. 

These services provide you with anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-spyware management, as well as remote remediation, remote desktop capabilities and more. 

  • There are more advanced remote desktop and helpdesk services available as well. These may include application-specific support as well as round-the-clock helpdesk support. 

Remote Server Maintenance 

  • If you’re the kind of business that cannot afford to go offline, then remote server maintenance is a crucial thing for you. The service allows you to keep running while everything is being handled in the background by an expert IT team. 

The service includes alert generation, infrastructure monitoring, vulnerability detection, health scanning, patch application, analytics generation, and much more. 

5 Benefits of Remote It Support for Businesses 

  • As a business, outsourcing remote IT support is an important decision. You have probably thought it many times whether you should outsource IT support or let your in-house IT team handle everything for you – if you have any at all.  

Whether you have an IT team or note, remote IT support has many benefits for your business. Here are some we can easily identify based on popular reasons why big businesses choose to get remote IT support. 

Reduced Cost 

  • Remote IT support saves you significant costs because this way, IT technicians from an IT provider can provide you support without visiting your business. This cuts down on the additional costs and fees associated with private on-site visits.  

The cost savings are then usable by your business for other matters. In simple words, you’ll get top tier IT support at a fraction of the cost.  

On-Demand Services 

  • The good thing about remote IT support is that it is available 24/7 for businesses. If you ever run into a technical problem, all you have to do is call or email the IT company and they will assign network technicians to help you immediately.  

This is an excellent thing for businesses that depend solely on IT services to work for their operations. It also cuts down the response time significantly compared to when you call a tech guy to visit your business on-site for support. 

Access To Experienced IT Professionals 

  • Hiring an IT expert in 2020 is a costly endeavor and you are never really sure what you are getting your hands on. Small businesses are unable to hire talented technicians because of the limited resources they have and they usually end up with inexperienced people. 

IT support companies like Outsource MY IT hire only the best in the industry because they know how important it is to keep your business running when you face difficulties in the technical department.  

  • All of the staff at an IT company are veteran IT professionals with years of experience in different aspects of Information Technology. They can deal with the toughest of situations in a breeze. 

Increased Productivity 

  • By eliminating IT issues in your company, you can keep your employees focused on the things in other departments to keep your business running. This significantly increases the productivity of the employees since they are able to focus on the things that matter.  

Regular Maintenance 

  • If you want your business to keep running with long-term stability then you will need to regularly maintain your systems and network. This is a tough job that is often really hard to pull-off by a small in-house IT time. 

With experienced staff from an IT company offering helpdesk services, you can rest assured that your servers and IT infrastructure will be regularly maintained. This will reduce the cost of suffering from a downed network in the future.  

How Much Should You Be Paying for Remote IT Helpdesk 

  • Now that you are aware of all the benefits and aspects of outsourced IT support, let’s talk about the costs and the value you can get out of it. If you decide to outsource your business’s servers or obtain helpdesk services, how much resources should you allocate from your budget for these services? 

While it is impossible to give you a fixed figure, we have put together a guide that will help you determine the average estimates for the cost of outsourcing remote IT support.   

Server Maintenance 

  • Remote server maintenance typically costs around $100 – $500 per month depending on where the IT company is located. Although it is very tempting to hire a company outside of the United States to cut down on the costs, we highly recommend working with a company based in the U.S to avoid communication problems.  

Helpdesk Services 

  • Helpdesk services can cost anywhere from $60 – $100 per computer, per month. This also depends on the location of the company and their experience in the industry.  

Find The Right Remote IT Helpdesk Support 

  • We hope that after reading this informative post about outsourcing remote IT support, you are convinced to work with a reliable partner. Now the only thing left to do is to find a service provider and strike a deal. Make sure to complete your research and don’t stick to low-cost remote IT support companies.  

If you want a reliable company for remote IT support that is based in the U.S, then get in touch with Outsource My IT. Unlike many other service providers, OMT is based in the heart of Fairfield, New Jersey.  

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