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5 Different Ways To Spot Email Phishing Attack

Learn how to spot email phishing attempts and how to enhance your email security

Despite the advances in anti-virus software, detection technologies, and cybersecurity protocols, phishing scams are increasing rapidly. This article discusses useful techniques for spotting email phishing attacks.

Emails That Demand Urgent Action

  • One of the easy ways to spot a phishing email is that it will demand urgent action. The emails that threaten a negative consequence or loss of opportunity unless an abrupt action is taken are usually malicious.

The attackers use this approach to rush the recipients into taking action before they have time to notice the flaws or inconsistencies in the email. In addition, beware of emails that are entirely coded as a hyperlink. If you click on the fake link, it may download spam in your system or open a fake website.

Request For Sensitive Information

  • Another sign of a phishing attack is the request for sensitive information. Legit companies do not ask for passwords, credit card information, tax numbers, or personal information via email. If you receive an email that provides a link and requests sensitive information, it’s a scam.

Links Should Match URLs

  • Double-check to see if the URL and the link in the text are identical. If the URL does not match the context of the email, it may take you to a site you don’t want to visit. For additional security, make sure the links begin with HTTPS://.

Even if you have the most secure network in the world, it takes only one irresponsible click to fall prey to the attackers. So make sure that all employees understand the telltale signs of a phishing attack.

Unsolicited Attachments

  • Legit companies do not randomly send email attachments. Instead, they direct you to their website for downloading documents or files. So if you receive unsolicited emails with random attachments, make sure they are from a legit source. But sometimes companies that you already correspond with also send you information that requires downloading.

In that case, proceed carefully if the attached file types are .exe, .scr, and .zip. These are high-risk attachment files. If you receive suspicious emails from familiar sources, it is advisable to directly contact the company by obtaining information from their actual website.

Lack Of Consistency In Emails

  • A phishing email will have inconsistencies in email addresses, links, and domain names. If the email is sent by an organization you often correspond with, match the address with previous emails from the same organization. Check if the link and domain name is legitimate before you take an action.

Tips To Improve Email Security

  • Educate your employees to successfully identify malicious emails and set up foolproof measures to reduce the risk of phishing attacks. Here are a few tips to improve email security:

All Email Attachments Should Be Scanned

  • The latest security measures should be implemented to keep ahead of hackers. Email attachments should always be scanned by using antivirus software. If the software tells you there is a problem, simply delete the email.

Create A Strong Password

  • spot email phishingThe easier the password the better the opportunity for hackers to breach your account. The hackers are investing more time and technology to get past all the security protocols. Hackers only need one loose end or a gap in your network to begin the invasion. So protect your account by creating a strong password.

Change Your Password Regularly

  • Data breaches through password leaks are common. The simplest way to deal with this is to change passwords regularly. It is considered one of the best security practices. Change your passwords once or twice a year as an ideal email security measure.

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