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Top 5 Cloud Migration Challenges And Their Solutions

Explore the 5 major cloud migration challenges and empower your business

While cloud migration results in a more flexible and secure system to set your organization up for success, challenges should be considered when planning the shift. We have listed common cloud migration challenges and their solutions to help you seamlessly transition to the cloud.

Absence Of A Clear Objective

  • Leveraging the benefits of cloud migration, such as enhanced service availability and scalability, requires meticulous planning to select the most suitable cloud solution for an organization. A successful cloud migration strategy involves consideration of various factors, including public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments.

In addition, it involves different cloud providers and distribution models like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, each tailored to different use cases. Therefore, developing a comprehensive strategy that outlines the intended goals and how success will be measured is essential. This strategy is a blueprint for selecting appropriate cloud services and the steps for a smooth migration process.

Presence Of Complex IT Infrastructure

  • Data storage and applications are migrated from on-premises environments to cloud infrastructure in cloud migration. Additionally, to ensure a smooth transition, this process occurs in stages. However, the development and execution of a cloud migration strategy can become daunting if the IT architecture of the organization is complex.

In such cases, specific systems are collocated to deliver optimal services. A complex existing architecture can hinder the identification and documentation of interdependencies, making it difficult to form a phased strategy for migrating particular components or systems to the cloud. Nevertheless, understanding the existing infrastructure thoroughly can help solve this issue.

Extended Duration Of Cloud Migration

  • It is important to understand that cloud migration is not quick and easy. It requires careful planning and execution. Typically, the process is conducted in multiple stages, with thorough testing and validation between each stage. However, the speed and efficiency of the process depend heavily on the quality and details of the migration strategy.

Without a well-defined or transparent strategy, additional time is spent figuring out the process, leading to repeated work and corrections. The longer the cloud migration process duration, the greater the cost. Therefore, to mitigate this issue, it is crucial to develop a comprehensive migration strategy that accounts for potential challenges and considers all necessary steps.

Network Complexity

  • Ensuring all application access is correctly mapped based on LAN/WAN perimeters is another challenge during cloud migration. This type of networking plays an essential role in the success of cloud deployment.

Failure to optimize the mapping can result in lost latency and other performance issues, making your cloud environment less effective. However, maintaining secure user connections and multiple paths to data can help reduce the complexity of your network.

 Ensuring Security In Internet-Based Access

  • cloud migration challengesModern networks are increasingly implementing hybrid technologies and internet-based connections for production applications. However, risks are associated with internet-based access as cybercriminals continuously exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access.

Therefore, ensuring the security of all users, applications, and entities connected to the network is crucial. The following steps can help address this challenge:

  • Determine how users connect to your cloud environment and identify the ingress and egress points.
  • Evaluate the role of the data center in your cloud solution. Assess how it fits into the overall architecture and determine security requirements for data center integration.
  • Implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect user connections and the overall cloud environment.

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