5 Tips To Help You Choose a Mobile Device Management Service
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Top 5 Tips To Help You Choose a Mobile Device Management Service

Why do you need mobile device management services?

The mobile services you provide through your business depend on mobile devices. These devices serve as an extension to desktop computers. Thus any data that is stored on the team’s devices must be well protected but you must also make sure that the devices do not become compromised.

As cyber threats increase, it is becoming harder to protect your data and devices. This where a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service kicks in. It can help your workforce complete day to day processes with their mobile devices without worrying about security threats.

But how do you choose an MDM partner? With so many outsourcing companies providing different solutions, we have a list of tips to help you pick the right company for the job.

Determine the Needs of Your Business

  • If your business deals with sensitive information and relies heavily on data security, then MDM is very important for you. If your employees regularly use the devices and transfer data through them, then you may want to pick a service that helps in this regard.

There are many regulations that you need to keep in mind when it comes to privacy and security and you really can’t afford to be complacent if you want to reach and weight of GDPR. 

How Easy is the Solution to Use?

  • MDM is very secure and robust but if the company does not roll it out correctly, it could be troublesome for you. When you are evaluating the solution, consider how easy it is to use. You also need to make sure the solution is not overly restrictive.

What Things Do You Need to Control?

  • MDM looks very different to different businesses. For example, big business would not be concerned with their employees using the devices overseas. MDM solutions can help you control what each device can do depending on where it is located.mobile device management

You may also want to audit an individual user on what he/she does with their device. Some Mobile Management Device solutions let you do that and you can also detect potential security issues.

How Many Devices Need Protection?

  • Your business could have hundreds of devices and not all of them may need maximum protection. When you are picking the partner, you’ll want to consider this factor. How many devices can the service protect? Is it scalable in the future? You want to make sure that the service offers the best value for your business.

The Best MDM Services

  • Outsource My IT is proud to be a mobile device management service provider. We partner with IBM to offer a leading mobile device management solution to our clients. IBM’s MaaS360, the solution streamlines the management and security of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearables, and the internet of things (IoT).

Outsource My IT provides for the stability and security of mobile devices as a part of our holistic managed services offerings. Whether employees travel for work or have the option to work from home, it is essential that your devices be included when devising an IT security strategy for your business.