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Top Questions to Ask Your IT Vendor

Finding the right IT vendor for your business’s needs is about more than just clicking the first link that shows up on Google. You need to perform due diligence by asking questions and exploring all potential partners before making a decision. After all, it’s easier to figure out how much more an IT vendor or managed service provider (MSP) can do for you before signing a contract than trying to renegotiate afterward. As you’re vetting prospective IT vendors, you should begin by asking all candidates a standardized set of questions to determine what sets each apart from the others.

In this post, we’ll outline some critical questions you need to be asking IT vendors, so you can take the first step to finding the ideal partner.

Years of experience can set IT vendors apart from the competition more so than any other factor. That’s because IT vendors with more than a decade of experience in the industry have a proven track record of delivering the technology solutions businesses need to succeed. Newer vendors may not have yet worked out operational kinks while teams with decades of experience have had years to refine their strategies.

Who Have You Helped in the Past?

Asking who a vendor has worked with in the past gives you a clearer idea if they have the skills and experience to help you next. Some vendors specialized in IT solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. Others try to focus on IT for growth-oriented enterprises. Make sure their resume aligns with your needs and goals. If you operate in an industry with compliance requirements, make sure to enquire as to whether they have the experience to keep your network compliant.

What Are Your Service Offerings?

As you research IT vendors, it’s a smart idea to start developing some general goals for your new IT platform. As you formulate goals, make sure that prospective partners offer the essential services you’re interested in. If they don’t, it’s much easier to cross them off of the list and find someone who does.

How Do You Communicate?

What does the communication process and schedule look like? Many IT vendors provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly technology reports to show you exactly how your technology budget is adding value to your operations. Either way, they should be providing concrete answers to this question without you even having to ask.

On top of reporting, support and disaster communication is critical. Does the IT vendor have systems in place to detect that your network has gone down before you even realize it? If not, remember how much network downtime can cost your business in lost revenue, reduced productivity, and missed opportunities.

Outsource Your IT Today

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