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5 Reasons You Should Establish a Vulnerability Testing Schedule

A vulnerability assessment (VA) is the process of testing technology to identify its weaknesses. This comprehensive procedure is an integral part of most cybersecurity and business continuity programs, and it’s one of the best risk management tactics any company can make. Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses aren’t quick to adopt this security service.

It’s normal to feel skeptical about vulnerability management. There’s a common perception that these assessments are expensive and complicated, but plenty of factors can help change your mind. Here is a list of reasons it would make sense for your company to consider establishing a VA routine:

Basic Security Measures Are Not Enough

Antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and firewalls can only do so much. These tools are great defensive layers, but they have limits. Most of the time, these resources will only be able to ward off known threats. As technology gets more sophisticated, cyberthreats become more malicious. This provides hackers with innovative ways to weasel their way into a network. Basic protection simply can’t defend against the latest attacks. Performing a vulnerability assessment can help you identify those weak points so you can add more layers of security as needed.

Smaller Businesses Are More Susceptible to Risks

It’s generally easier for a hacker to exploit vulnerabilities of a small business. While hackers typically have their sights set on enterprise-level data, they often choose smaller businesses to begin their hunt. Targeted attacks are often performed on companies with 50-100 employees. And many times, these invasions are linked to internal sources such as a vengeful employee or third-party vendor. Running a vulnerability analysis allows you to track the source of that issue.

Many Enterprises Have a Limited Number of Resources

When you run a small operation, chances are you have a limited budget to work with. Your IT staff has to deal with various tech issues, and security is just one of them. Unfortunately, that will probably suffer when you don’t have sufficient funding. Because of this, you’ll likely have a shortage of resources to defend your network. Hackers take advantage of that negligence and find ways to perform a data breach. A VA’s main role is to detect and fix potential security risks before your information ends up in the wrong hands. This helps save you money on technology repairs and replacements that you simply cannot afford.

Too Many Threats Are Hidden

As mentioned earlier, technology is becoming more sophisticated, which makes cyberattacks more severe. Most of these threats aren’t visible, either. So how are you going to prepare to fend off an attack when you don’t know when it’s coming or what it looks like? Luckily, most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are ahead of the curve. They operate with the latest vulnerability assessment tools to help spot areas in your network that need extra patching. This enables you to cover up those sensitive spots, so even malicious malware threats can’t break through.

Security Breaches Will Cost You

Vulnerability testing is often viewed as expensive, but the consequences that may result in not running one are much more severe. Some security breaches can cost businesses weeks and even months’ worth of profits. And if you lose enough assets, your entire company might temporarily fall out of commission. Many companies can’t afford to hire a dedicated IT staff for around-the-clock security. Vulnerability testing is the best backup plan in these scenarios. This proactive measure fixes vulnerabilities before they cause unpredictable repair costs.

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