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What Is Server Virtualization And Why Is It Important For Businesses?

IT experts talk about server virtualization – its importance and benefits for small businesses

Server virtualization is not a new technology. It became popular half a century ago in the early 2000s and has been evolving since. Server virtualization is becoming mainstream for businesses because with server virtualization businesses can virtualize and simplify their entire IT infrastructure. This article discusses server virtualization and its importance for businesses.

Server Virtualization

  • Server virtualization is the process that reconfigures a single server into diverse remote servers. Existing servers are divided into multiple isolated servers by utilizing virtualization hardware or software. Thereby, eliminating the need for a new server. Each of these servers operates on its own. A single server generally carries out a single task or application because it employs only one operating system. For this reason, many of the server potentials remain unutilized.

However, with server virtualization, multiple operating systems can be run at the same time on isolated servers. Thus multiple tasks can be performed at one time. Other factors that distinguish server virtualization from individual servers are listed below.

Importance Of Server Virtualization For Businesses

Server virtualization reduces the number of physical servers needed for each application. It, therefore, improves the efficiency of businesses, reduces costs, and wastage of resources.

Cost Reduction

  • Server virtualization effectively utilizes existing resources. This is important for cutting down the cost of the physical servers. The expenses needed for housing and maintenance of the physical servers are also minimized. This significantly reduces the energy needed to run each server and the cost required for the management of these servers.

Servers require energy to power on as well as energy is utilized for cooling the servers. Server virtualization not only reduces the number of servers but also energy needs. Therefore, server virtualization is also energy efficient.

Improved Disaster Recovery

  • With server virtualization, the data can be readily moved from one server to another. This gives businesses an additional advantage of implementing a vigorous disaster recovery plan.

Server virtualization allows businesses to create a replication site without any complications. Disaster recovery failovers can also be tested on most virtualization software.

Improves Business Continuity

  • server vrtualizationServer virtualization plays a significant role in increasing business productivity by allowing business to continue without any disruptions. This is because virtualized servers offer live migration of the content from one server to another without ceasing the server activity.

Server virtualization, therefore, eliminates downtime issues by ensuring data is always accessible. Thus enhancing the business continuity.

Merging IT Infrastructure

  • Server sprawl commonly occurs in data centers. This happens when a collection of servers is not being used as it should be. When new servers are joined to run new tasks, the older servers remain underutilized. This gives rise to server sprawl.

Server virtualization handles this issue by merging physical resources thus less hardware are required. This allows businesses to save considerably not only on maintenance and management but also on the power and cooling of servers.

Better Management

  • Server virtualization platforms offer centralized management of applications so that the working of all virtual servers is observed and modified accordingly. Thus bringing IT administration a step closer to a single pane of glass management.

This yields savings on time and money by removing the need for multiple point management tools.

Flexibility And Scalability

  • As compared to a traditional environment, server virtualized infrastructure allows more expandability and flexibility. Virtualized servers can be migrated or cloned from one hardware to another making hardware performances and upgrades a painless process. Moreover, server virtualization offers better control and management of storage resources.

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